Monday, 16 December 2013

Prize giving practice.

Every morning or after lunch we have dance practice ready for prize giving on the 12th of December at 7:00 o ' clock and it really cool because the songs that Jordenne, Iron, Ana and Meleane picked and dance moves that they came up with was really cool.

The songs that they picked was Trouble maker, Skrilles, Bibles in the Air. As we are practicing we a trying to make our dance sharp and make it more interesting so the Adult can keep watching our dance. When we are doing our dance kids come inside and watch our dance because they can't wait until prize giving.


2013 Reflection.

Mr Somerville taught me a whole lot of things like making my story more intersting and read it out loud so I can hear my mistake then I can fix it. The thing that I have learn't all by myself is to encourage people when they feel nervous and scared about things they haven't tried before.

My friends taught me to learn from my mistake because everytime I do a mistake it teachers me not to do it again. I have helped other kids to take care of their netbooks like me and to be cybersmart.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Want for Christmas.

This is my Graphic of Want for Christmas we had to write ten good christams gifts for ten year old and eleven year olds what they want for christmas and this is graphic of what did rom 16,17 and 18 kids want for christmas.

Friday, 6 December 2013


Asena Farm from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo

This is my movie about the  farmer taking the all the lamb to the freezing work to be ready to get killed at be taken to the Supermarket. Hope you enjoy my Movie By Asena.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Maths Whizz

This is the time of how many minute I did on Maths Whizz and it only 30 minute each week. My goal in Year 7 is to have 60 minute on maths Whizz every day and make my Whizz go higher instead of keep going lower.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Church Test.

Last week Sunday we had our Church Exam and we had to be at church by 9:00 o' clock ready for our test, When I was in the car I was really nervous because I might get good marks. As I was waiting I was the first one to get called out to do my test as I sat down I said to my self I can do this.

As I was doing my test I looked at the clock and it was half past 10 and I just quickly finished off answering my last question and then I went over it and see if there is any mistake. While I was waiting for the other people in my class to finish I went outside and played.

After everyone done there test they got told to come to the to the hall because there was food for us to eat and it was yum. The food was yum because there were chocolate cake and heaps more but I didn't go for it all I went for was the chocolate cake.


Friday, 29 November 2013

Camp Bentzon Presentation.

As you see this is my presentation of the us Year 6's going to Kawau Island I hope you enjoy and leave some feed back.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Camp Bentzon.

Next week on Tuesday we are going to Kawau Island for our special camp. I can't wait to play all these fun and cool games like Volley Ball, Orienteering, Abb sailing, Kayaking, Rock climbing and sport. The most thing I am looking forward for camp is when we get to swim and play with our freinds and hang  around.

Monday, 11 November 2013


Last Friday it was the school Athletics on our school field it was really cool because we got to do lots of sport like High Jump, Shot put, Triple jump, 75m 100m sprint, Javilen, soft ball throw and disscus it was really fun because we got to go with our freinds.

The first activity we did was Shot put it was really hard because the shot put was really heavy to hold and I keep throwing it not pushing it. My friend Meleane came 1st, Mua came 2nd and Jordenne came 3rd that was shot out and it was cool to watch.

After shot put we went to high jump it was really bad because I hate high is because I am really not that good at high jump only my freinds are. When I was ready to jump I was telling jennifer to come to the front because I was scared that I might miss it as I ran I made it so I had to sit in the middle.

                                                            To be continued....

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Touch Tournament.

Yesterday three teams went to the touch tournament and it was really cool because my friends went but the sad thing that I was in a different team I was in the red team and Iron, Jordenne, Ata and Meleane.  They were in the Black team and it was really boring because I was hanging out with them. The team that was there was Tamaki Primary, Glen Taylor, St Pius, Bailey Road, Stan Hope and  Stone Cold.

At the touch tournament my team called the red team played five games the first team we versed was Stan Hope it was a really cool game but in the last minute Stan Hope school made the try and it was one to them and 0 to us. 
In every game I was always the starting seven it was really cool so I can sub when I am tired in the field there are three girls and four boys and it was really cool. The starting seven was Emmy, Dj, Me, Leka, Byron, Collin and Paula. Me and Collin stand out on the wing and the others stay in the middle. 

Our game was really cool and fun because playing touch was really amazing because I just like running and tagging the person with the ball. When I got the ball I just pass it back to that person that pass me the ball because I don't like running with the ball. We won three games, drew one lost one and then we had to play who is going to come 3rd and It was equal with Tamaki Primary. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Writing Test Narrative.

Characters Ben , Mike, Simon and sam.
The problem is that it looks to old and they need to plant some flowers.
It solved that some people come and help Mike, Ben Simon and Sam plant.

Start Writing Here:
I heard a whisper but no one was there a person was whispering but they didn’t know who it was because they couldn't see that person that was whispering. When the person was whispering they thought it was a bird but it was not a bird it was a person but the won’t there.

That person  was whispering to loud that Ben, Mike, Sam and Simon could hear them from outside because they were talking about something about that they need to built the shed but they  need some people to come and help plant some flowers around the shed cause the shed is really old.

Ben, Mike, Simon and Sam needed to think because they are going to do a big job by looking for some people to come and help them plant some flowers around the shed. While they are looking for some People to come and help they upset that they might not find anyone at all.

Mike and Sam are really sad because they might not get any people to help them get the shed well done and clean up because they can’t find any one at all. As they were sad they just said to them self we can do this by our self becauses we can’t find any one at all so lets do this our self.

As they finish pulling the grass, taking out old things from the shed, painting the shed and getting new fence they had some rest for tomorrow because they have to take down the shed and built it again lots of things got to do that day. While they were having a rest because it a really HUGE day.

Mike, Sam, Ben and Simon woke up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning  because they had to do a lot of things to get done they worked and worked as hard as they could as they were working they heard something coming from the other side of the shed they walked closer and closer it was a truck it was crashing down the shed.I heard a whisper but no one was there a person was whispering but they didn’t know who it was because they couldn't see that person that was whispering.

That person  was whispering to loud that Ben, Mike, Sam and Simon could hear them from outside because they were talking about something about that they need to built the shed but they  need some people to come and help plant some flowers around the shed cause the shed is really old.

Ben, Mike, Simon and Sam needed to think because they are going to do a big job by looking for some people to come and help them plant some flowers around the shed. While they are looking for some People to come and help they upset that they might not find anyone at all.

Mike and Sam are really sad because they might not get any people to help them get the shed well done and clean up because they can’t find any one at all. As they were sad they just said to them self we can do this by our self becauses we can’t find any one at all so lets do this our self.

As they finish pulling the grass, taking out old things from the shed, painting the shed and getting new fence they had some rest for tomorrow because they have to take down the shed and built it again lots of things got to do that day. While they were having a rest because it a really HUGE day.

THE END......

Friday, 1 November 2013


                                             WALT: Show not tell when writing a paragraph.

Launching onto the couch I waited for people to knock on the door, a huge knock came by the door as I was walking towards it. As I rushed to open the door two little boys came by and shouted trick                or treat I said sorry we have no candy to give out.  I waited and waited for people to come by our front step as I waited I just fell a sleep and kids keep knocking on our door. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wrting Practice test.

Sam and Simon is there because they are having a birthday party so they decided to go rainbow ends and ride on the really cool and fast roller coaster of all because they have ride on it but they want to do it again because it is really cool and fun out of all of them.

They were there is because they may be having a birthday party or just going there for fun. Sam and simon is looking for a game  because or the other one is really boring for them so they want to find a place that they can have really fun and enjoy it.

The reason they are there so because they can ride the roller coaster because they haven’t ride the roller coaster befor in there life so they wanted to go and try  it, while they were getting ready to hop on they were really scared that they might fall off the roller coaster.

The problem is that while they were riding the cool roller coaster the roller coaster just stopped halfway and Sam and Simon was feeling a little bit scared because it there first time riding a roller coaster. As they were talking to each other Sam said that they might be stuck up here for the one night befor they get down.

It was solved Happily because the manager saw Sam and Simon get stuck up top so he went and called for help and what he did was just go a press the button go and sam and simon was really happy because they thought that they were going to be up high for the rest of the night. They were jumping up and down and they dancing and said that they are not going to ride that roller coaster any more and they were happily together.                                               THE END.

Friday, 25 October 2013

A foal is born.

When a mums horse is going to have a foal and for eleven months it grows bigger and bigger. It born any day said Ryan’s mum one night. The next morning they all woke up and the horse paddock was new foal lying close to Del. It filly said dad she’s just been born can I stroke her asked Ryan It too soon yet said dad.  The foal was covered with something that looked like a white bag.    
The Dad said it is time to go to school now, so when you come back from school you can touch her and talk to her.  Now Ryan’s mum went to touch her so she can get used to touching her.

The next day the vet came to check Dosti and Del, they came and put a stethoscope on and listened to Dosti’s heartbeat. Ryan’s mum said when she grows up she is going to be tall like her.

Monday, 21 October 2013

My friends.

This year I have been hanging around with my friends and they are the best friends "Ever"!! because they always make me laugh all the time when we are around. When we play we always play at the senior playground and they make  funny jokes and then we all laugh. This is my friends that is in my class like AnaJordenneMaoIronSelaJennifer and Hannah you can just click on any name and it will go to their blog. Friends from room 18 is Meleane and Ata

Friday, 18 October 2013

"BEST"! holiday Ever.

The best holiday ever was that I had to go with my friends and the year 5&6 girls rugby team won the Auckland champion ship so we had to go and celebrate bye watching the Auckland and Canterbury game at Eden park.

At Eden park we had lots of fun because I was talking to them like Jordenne, Iron, Hannah and Ana. While we where waiting for the game to start Hannah, Jordenne and I went and got us some hot chips that was really nice that we wanted some more when we finish eating it.

Matching the pictures together.

Yesterday our group called the Taramus did a activity called matching the pictures about the farm. There were so many it was 20 photos and 40 pictures and it was really hard, It was really fun but the reason why we had to do this activity is because this term we are learning about Farming which is really cool.

Docking Farm.

Aunty Mollie pulled the cover off Mikey and me, and it was really early that morning because the the stars was still up that night. They had to wake up and get dressed, and eat toast and got their hats and sack. When they got in the van they all squash at the back with there big Aunty Mollie.

The kids said to there uncle why do you cut the sheep tail and the uncle said because the files will lay eggs. The grownups did most of the jobs and the kids helped a little bit because they wanted to roll down the hills and play games. Yesterday there Aunty baked pies and biscuits and cakes and bread so they can eat after they finish doing the job.

The dogs had already begun working. In the distance and the crests of the hills was like a tide of white. And the sheep was really loud and it was going “Baaaa, baaaaa! “ and the mothers were worried because they lost their lamb. As the clouds rose up the man that delivers chocolate got out and took some photo of the sheep.

The noise was really loud, and they couldn't hear each other speak so they had to screamed loud like a seagull. As they flapped their shirts and slapped our sacks they shouted to the slow one to hurry up, and over all their mothers found their lamb and everyone settled down.

Then it happened. Something you would dream about. A different sound came from the top of the hill and as they looked who it was it was the man that  delivers chocolate his van and his box
full of chocolate all fell down the hill out of the van. Mikey saw the chocolate laying on the grass and she was rolling over and over towards the chocolate.

The man was slipping and sliding down the hill because he was trying to catch his box of chocolate while Mikey was talking to her uncle tama if they can go and help him get his chocolate back and tama was scratching his head thinking if they will go and help him he said and off they went to help him. Under the sun was lots of sprinkled of chocolate they rolled and chased and played and the craziest, maddest docking day ever.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Auckland East

On first week of the holidays I went and watched my brothers game at North shore with my mum friend it was really cool because we got to go and watch every single game. The team the Auckland East was going to vs was North shore, While they were getting ready to start the game me and my friends went and got us some Ice cream.

In the 2nd half the score was 22 to Auckland East and 3 to North shore and the point stop no other team didn’t get any score. when I was standing in the sideline cheering for  my brother I got really broad and cold so I went and sat in the car.

On Saturday was the finals and my brothers team made it in and they vs North shore that same team everybody was watching because it was a big game and some people were quiet until Auckland East got a  try and then the Auckland East fans was really noisy from the start to finish. When it was the last min Auckland East got the last try then the game was finish  people were jumping up and down. The BEST thing in the holidays that the Auckland East team “WON”!!.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Aunties house

On saturday I went to my aunties house at 10:oo o'clock at night time because my mum, dad and brother went to Taupo to his game. When I went to my Aunties house I went straight to bed so I can wake up early ready for church because I was really tried.

When I first woke up I was boring because they have no kids to play with so I just went and washed my faced ready for church. My Auntie came back from pak’ n save with lots of staff for us to eat, when she came back we had breakfast our breakfast was bread and coco it was really “YUM”!!!! and nice.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Learning to halves and quarters.

This is my photo of my work that I did that is showing to shade halves and quarters. As you can see that the top is shade in to  quarters and the bottom is half. So half of 32 is 16 and one quarter is half of 8.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Grandpa pass away.

On friday it was a sad day for my dad and my whole family because my grandpa witch is my dads dad passed away at 12:00 o'clock at night time. When I woke up my brother told me that my grandpa called Feki  passed away and then I walked really sad to wash my face and brush my teeth  ready for school.

I arrived at school I was really sad because my grandpa who passed away was my favorite grandpa in the whole wide world. The reason he is  my favorite grandpa in the whole wide world is because he always give loves me very much and cares for me and he always tell really funny stories and jokes.

The thing that I know that he “ LOVES”!! all his grandkids really much because he won’t forget our family at all because he knows that  we love him really much. XOXO to my grandpa.

In loving Fonua Family. Rest In Paradise Feki Fonua.

Bible Study.

Yesterday I woke up and went and had a shower and went down stairs and had breakfast my favorite breakfast which is coco pops. When I was eating my breakfast I was rushing because I wanted to be the first one in the shower because my brother takes a long time in the shower.

When I was getting ready to go sunday school I was reading my paper for the test because our  big test is on November which is really not cool because we have to try to get 100% for the test. Our sunday school start at 11:00 o'clock but I didn’t go because I was late so I just stayed and watch tv ready for church at 1:00 o’ clock.

While doing my hair putting on my shoes I looked at the clock and It was 12:30 so I said to my mum we should go by now and she said it still enough time. When we got to church I walked in and sunday school was finished so I just went and sat in the front with my friends talking about what they did at sunday school.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Art maths.

This is my art that my maths group did witch is really cool because I like art.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cylinders maths game.

Hi this is a maths game that my group did witch was really cool because we get to play with our own freinds. The point of the game is that you have to hide your teasure and then your freinds will pick a number and a letter.

Chiefs game.

On Saturday night my whole family was sitting in the living room ready to watch the Chiefs and Brumbies game because it was the Final. While we were waiting for the game to start me and brother made a beat  which team is going to win and I went for Chiefs and my brother went for Brumbies.

When the game started I was jumping up and down saying “Go the Chiefs and my brother said sit down and be quiet because the Brumbies is going to when, and then I sat down. While Brumbies number ten was getting ready to kick the ball to see if he is going to get the goal in I covered my eyes because I didn’t want to see it. When Brumbies got the goal in My brother was jumping up and down and was shouting Go go go you can do this Brumbies.

While I was watching the game me and my brother keeps on talking from the start of the game and the end because we were talking who is going to win. When it was the last minute my brother walked up stairs because he knew that Chiefs were going to “WIN”!!.

The ugly duckling.

It was a nice summer day at Denmark for the most of the days. The country was really ugly but it was beautiful now that the wheat was yellow and the oats were green and the hay was dry and delicious to roll in.

The lady duckling was really proud that she was laying baby eggs, and she laughed at the other mothers. The lady duckling was scared because her eggs wasn’t hatching at all so she was waiting for hours and hours but it still didn’t hatch so she decided to go and teach the other duckling how to swim. When she came back it still didn’t hatch so she went and had a bath.

She keeps on looking at least hundred and fifty times, because the baby  duckling wasn’t hatching at all and she was really not happy because her friends is not going to talk to her at all. After a while the mother duckling heard a crack coming from the left side and then she decided to go and have a look, and then she saw the baby duckling coming out of the egg, After that she didn’t even want to go and see the baby duckling still if she knew that she had left the baby duckling inside the baby duckling would dies and her friends will not speak to her again.

All through the next day she sat on giving up even more morning bath for fear that a blast of cold might strike the big egg. In the evening she thought that she saw a tiny crack on the egg but it wasn’t it was just a really loud noise coming from the other side.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Typing test.

As you can see that this is my highest score in typing test witch is 41 because when I all ways get 30 something in typing test because I was really bad at typing. My friends like Ana, Jordenne, Iron, Meleane, Jennifer and Hannah a really good at typing they a really fast at tying mostly Ana her highest score is 84 I said "WOW".

Monday, 5 August 2013

Brothers Game.

On saturday we went to my brothers game at Dunkirk it was really cool because I really like going and watching my brothers game. The team that they were versing was Superb they are the really best team because they are in the top eight but Marist witch is my brothers game is coming last.

When I was watching the game lots of people were cheering for the team Marist because it was home game for Marist, it was really noisy and also there was lots of people playing at the other side too.

While it was halftime both teams had no point at all, but when it was 2nd half Marist had 5 point and Superb had 20 so I said to my cousin that Marist is losing and she said be quiet I am trying to watch the game.

When it was four more min it was still the same point so Marist did lose after the game they came and did there cheers and everyone was happy.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Taramus Follow up.

Title: The Ugly Duckling.

Author: By Hans.

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses):

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): It was in the pond because it was born there.

What was the problem? The problem was that there was a Duckling that was born but it wasn’t the same as all of them, It had gray feathers and it was small.

What was the solution? That the duckling had trouble when he was born because he was really small.

What was the Moral of the Story? Talk to family about your problems, instead of get rid of it.

My favourite part of the story was? The favourite part was about the duckling getting born because it was really cute and really small.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

How biggest is the sea creature?

This is what my maths group did witch was really cool because we had to see what is the biggest sea creature in the piece of paper. What we learned was that we had to see witch one is the biggest and the tallest.

The Lazy head.

“Hello” My name is Lazy head for a reason, I have short legs,and one day I was minding my own business eating my dinner until the turtle came and called me names like  cabbage head and lazy and  some other things but I did not care.

One day he was leaping around the field and the turtle was watching him the whole time. When the lazy head saw him the turtle told him lets have a race and the lazy head said no because he is the slowest. The turtle said lets go they went and stand in the line three two one “GO”! off they went and the lazy head was in the lead running, as fast they could and the lazy head won the race.

Immersion Assembly.

On friday we had our Immersion assembly which was really cool because the teachers had to dress up into customers. I like it when the teachers have to dress up because it really funny when they perform.

The first team two go up was team one there one was about a Fairy tale, Red riding hood, Nemo and the witch. The witch was really scary because I did not know who it was so i just said to iron who do think it is. When the teachers came all out and Iron said it is Miss Eddie and I said “ohhhhhhhhh then I said oppps I thought it was Miss Wild.

My favorite one was team five because there was really funny because Mr Barks was dressed up as a girl and singing the song called If I was a girl. The teachers were are really good acting because it was making me laugh and Iron she told me that Mr Barks is a really good actor.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Holidays was Amazing.

In the holidays I went to the movies with my cousin and my little cousin so she can watch that movie the movie was monster’s university. When we got there we went and it was really pack, so me and my cousin went to pak’n save and brought us some food, we brought two packet of chips, chocolate bar, pie and a drink.

When we got there it was still pack so I just told my cousin let just go and wait in the line so we went. We had to wait for a long time to get our popcorn from the ladie. We went up to the women and ordered three small popcorn and then we went inside to watch the movie.

During the movie I keep on eating and drinking because the popcorn and the drink was really “YUMMY”!! that I felt for some more. Watching the movie was really boring because it was a kids movie which was really boring because there was nothing funny about it. My little cousin keeps on laughing for no reason and I keep on covering her mouth so she can be quite.

After the movie we went and ate Mcdonald's it was really nice mostly the chips, when we finish we went and waited for the bus so we can go home. While we were waiting for the bus I said to my cousin that i didn’t like the movie and then she said then why did you come then I said you told me if I wanted to go and said yes.


Friday, 12 July 2013

High light of the Term.

My high light was yesterday because we had our rugby game witch was really cool because we had to get out of class and go to the rugby game. The school we played was Koru school it was "AMAZING"!! even through we lost but we tried our best. It was really sad because my friend Meleane wasn't playing witch was really not good because she always get the trys for our team. The reason it my favourite high light is because I really like rugby because my friends are good at playing too.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Going to "CHURCH"!!

Every sunday I always go to “CHURCH”!!! I really like going to church because I get to sing and go and pray to “GOD”!!. I wake up early and get ready to go to church because my sunday school start at 11:00 to 12:00 sunday school is only one hour, after sunday school then we have to stay for church witch starts at 1:00 clock   When I go to church with my family I am always “HAPPY”!! because I really enjoy going to church with family. I am sometime shia going to church because some time we go when church all ready  start and then I have to walk to the front when all the people are sitting down, when I walk to the front everyone is looking at me when I walk to the front.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hannah's Birthday Party

On Saturday Jordenne, Iron, sela and I got invited to Hannahs sleep over. When we got there we played lots of fun games. The first thing we did was that hannahs dad name us into numbers (1 was Oliva)  ( Sela  2)( Iron 3)  (Me  4) ( Jordenne 5)( Hannah 6) Leila was 7)

When he finish naming our numbers he put it in a bowl so he can pull it out. The first number he pull out was number six  who was Jordenne and seven  was Leila their challenge was who can put the most marshmallow in there mouth 3,2,1 Go they put the marshmallow one by one into there mouth.  When it was 1 second left on he clock so they had to stop and the "WINNER"!! was Jordenne because she had 15 in her mouth and Leila had 8 in her mouth.

We had to go outside to have a rest while hannahs dad did the other game. He called us to come inside for the 2nd challenge he pulled the number three and two witch was Sela and Iron. There challenge was that they had to eat 1 chocolate bar that was left in the freezer for 2 days 4,3,2,1 got they ate and ate and ate but they couldn't brake the chocolate bar because it was to hard. When it was 3 more sec Iron had a little bit and Sela had a big bit and the WINNER was Iron.

After that we had to get ready to go somewhere but they didn't tell us where are we going we keep on asking Hannah where are we going and she said that she can't tell us so we just said are we goign Blowing and she said no. When we nearly got there I said to Hannah's mum are we going blowing and then she said yes so I said see we are going to blowing.

When we got inside we had to go and sit on the chair to get ready to play blowing I like blowing because I went there befor with my family. Getting ready for blowing we were sitting down and looking at the other mens blowing really fast i said to my self they are really good at playing.

I was really happy becasue I was in the lead but then Jordenne was caughting up to me and she had 60 point and I had like only 30 point so I said to Jordenne you are really good at playing. When we were playing we deicide to go Lazer strike becasue we think it really better then blowing.

We went to lazer strike and wait for the man to come and get us to put on the special jacket to wear we were in teams it was Hannah, Jordenne and Leila and it was Me, Sela, Iron and Lama witch was Hannah's dad we played lots of fun games.

When we were going home we went and brought us three DVD movies to watch at home and then we went to by pizza for dinner it was really cool. Then me Sela, Leila and Hannahs mum went to countdown to by some more things for dinner. 

We got home after blowing so we can come and do the 3rd challenge witch was me and Hannah the challenge was that we had to eat four dry weet-bix witch was really yuck because I felt for some water. And when it was times up hannah won because she had nothing in her plate but I had two more left.

After that we had to go and sit down on the chair to get ready to eat dinner it was really cool becasue we ate pizza. The pizza was really nice becasue I really like pizza is "AMAZING"!!!.

We ate Ice cream and cake for dessert It was really nice becasue it was chocolate cake that is my favourite cake witch is nice.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


last “NIGHT” we had our netball game against Kath Bird it was really cool, netball is really cool because all my friends are in the same team as me. Last night was a really hard game because when it was the first half it was 2 to the other team and 0 for us.

At the 4th Quarter it was 20 to our team and 5 to the other team when I was playing I was always looking the the time. When I look at the time one more time it was 3,2,1 “BEEEEEEEP”! here came the sound said hannah and we were happy when we won. The player of the day was Jordenne.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How to try a rugby ball

How to score a try
                    List of materials:
                     Rugby Ball
               This is how you score a try.
            1)Step: Call for the ball
           2)Step: Put your hands out
           3)Step: Catch the ball
           4)Step: Hold the ball tight
           5)Step: Try not to get Tackled
           6)Step: Bump of the people
           7)Step:  Look ware the try line is
           8)Step: Jump with both legs
           9) Step: Step all the people
           10)Step “NOW TRY THE BALL”!!!!


How to stand n a chair.

List of materials

Step by step
1) Get a chair
2) Put your hand on it
3) Choose a leg
4) Transfer your weight from a leg
5) LIft your right leg
6) Balance on 1 leg
7) Put your leg on the chair
8) Then put your left leg on the chair
9) Stand on the chair
10) Stand straight