Monday, 25 August 2014

Life Education Trust.!!!

For the last past three weeks Class 3 has been going to the Life Education caravan and has been learning about making good choices about our lives.. The life Education is learning about drugs and also making the right decision and have a good life to not follow others and also don’t listen to what other people say.

What we have learnt at the Life Education was about drugs, drugs is a really bad alcohol that destroy peoples body and that students in age 15 are also using alcohol which is really unsafe. Drugs can  and also damage peoples lungs and they can die from it like a Kings college boy died after drinking at his friend's Party. The lady called Lynn told us that we should always follow the right pathway because if you don’t your life will be a miss and you won’t wanna be the person you would like to be.

Lynn taught us that  kids our age are already drinking, smoking and going out partying but not focusing on school. Some peoples life a distracted by Drugs and alcohol because other people is following it when there friends are doing it. Some people take drugs just because they are playing sports and they need energy like people at the Commonwealth game was found that people was taking drugs.

The drug is not good  because you can damage your brain and you won’t think properly and also you won’t feel good. Your brain will also not work properly because too much drugs is in you body so it won’t work well how it always works, your brain is the most important of body because it control you and it also helps you think. Your brain can work really slow and you can die so you brain needs to keep on working so you can not die or sometimes drugs and just make you die when you use it to much.

Lynn also told us that making the right decisions is good because if you make bad choices you life will not take you anywhere because how you made the wrong chances. If you make the right choices you will have a better life and also don’t follow your friends because you should always make you own choices. If you friends are doing the wrong thing you don’t follow them you make your own choices because if you follow your friends your life will be a mess.

We learnt very good lessons there because it teaches us how to take care of ourselves when we need help and it also helps us throughout long lives as we are living I also learnt that taking drugs can lead to death because its not healthy for your body it also can damage the brain selles.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Fill in the gaps:

a) 8.4 - 2.9=6.5
+0.1    +0.1
8.5 - 2.0=6.5

b) 6.3 - 2.8=4.5
+0.2     +0.2
6.5 - 2.0=4.5

c) 12.7 - 3.1=9.6
-0.1       -0.1
12.6 - 3.0=9.6

d) 7.5 - 6.2=1.3
-0.2      -0.2
7.3 - 6.0=1.3

e) 9.8 - 4.9=5.9
+0.1     +0.1
9.9 - 4.0=5.9

f) 15.3 - 7.7=8.6
+0.3      +0.3
15.6 - 7.0=8.6

g) 12.6 - 3.8=9.8
+0.2       +0.2
12.8 - 3.0=9.8

h) 11.6 - 4.7=7.9
+0.3       +0.3
11.9 - 4.0=7.9

i) 17.4 - 2.8=15.6
+0.2      +0.2
17.6 - 2.0=15.6

j) 7.5 - 5.1=2.4
-0.1     -0.1
7.4 - 5.0=2.4

k) 8.3 - 2.9=6.4
+0.1     +0.1
8.4 - 2.0=6.4

l) 16.4 - 2.8=14.6
+0.2      +0.2
16.6 - 2.0=14.6

m) 15.4 - 12.1=3.3
-0.1          -0.1
15.3 - 12.0=3.3

n) 13.4 - 4.3=9.1
-0.1        -0.1
13.3 - 4.2=9.1

o) 15.8 - 3.9=12.9
+0.1      +0.1
15.9 - 3.0=12.9

Complete these following activities:

A) 11.3 - 2.8=9.5

B) 13.5 - 6.9=7.4

C) 15.3 - 2.1=13.2

D) 7.6 - 4.7=3.1

E) 12.5 - 7.8=5.3

F) 16.1 - 5.7=11.6

G) 12.2 - 4.1=8.1

H) 16.6 - 0.9=16.3

I) 8.5 - 1.9=7.4

Word problem:

1) A gardener has a hose which is 15.5 metres long. It gets a hole at one end so he cuts off 4.8 metres. How long is the hose now? 11.3

2) Jodie can jump 3.4 metres. Her sister jumped 1.8 metres less than that. How far did her sister jump? 2.4

3) Ben has a roll of tape which is 13.4 metres long. He has used 6.2 metres. How much tape does he have left? 7.2

4) A tree is 18.5 metres tall. they need to make the tree 4,7 metres shorter. How tall will the tree be then? 14.2

5) A building is 68.7 metres tall including the flag pole. The flag pole is 4.8 metres tall. How tall would the building be if the flag pole was removed? 64.1

6) A large water container at work holds 35.6 liters of water. If the staff drink 7.3 liters of water at morning tea how much water will be left? 28.3

7) A car had 25.6 liters of petrol in its tank. It uses 9.8 liters of petrol. How much petrol is left? 16.2

8) A 56.3 metre yellow line must be painted down the side of the road. They have already painted 29.9 metres of the line. How much more must they paint? 27.6

9) I had 27.3 metres of rope but 8.7 metres broke off the end. How much rope do I have left? 19.4

Feet First.

Explore the history of Karate (doing your own research):
Find out five facts and state them:
1) Karate is famous in Japan.
2) You have to be very fit.
3) You always have to practice.
4) You have to be serious.
5) You have to eat healthy food.

What is the purpose of Karate? The purpose for Karate is that it is a Empty Handed and its also a part of defending yourself and also without using weapons and also the Japanese Banned weapons.

What is ‘dojo’? A dojo is the place that Jzarahr goes and train every monday at 5:00 o'clock to train. Also she goes there because that the place they train at and they have to be there before 5:00 o’clock.

For what reason is it important to bow in karate? I think the reason they maybe have to bow down to is because its maybe showing respect and its showing that you are saying Hello to the coach.
Explore the culture of Japan, in what other instances do they bow? Is that they put there hands together and they bow down to the coach and the coach maybe says nice to meet you.

What does a ‘belt’ represent? The belt represents what grade are you in and what level are you in like the black belt is the higher grade and the brown one is the 2nd highest grade.

There are levels of belts in karate, what are the levels and what does each one represent? (You will need to do some of your own research)  
1) There is a white belt.
2) There is a gold belt.
3) There is  green belt.
4) There is a purple belt.
5) There is a blue belt.
6) There is a red belt.
7) There is a brown belt.
8) There is a black belt, It is the highest belt in karate, The highest belt.

Explain a sempai? A sempai is a mentor or a senior.

For what reason is it important that people warm up prior to karate? So they can be war and ready for there game is because they need to warm up is because to get ready to do a lot of training and if they don’t warm up there bodys will be sore after that.

What are some other sports and activities that people warm up in?
1) Rugby
2) Netball
3) Rugby league
4) Tennis
5) Boxing  
Explain all of the moves in karate:
Explain it well so that your audience can imagine it.
1) There is a move that is called Frontal kick, Frontal kick is when you kick forward but hard.
2) There is a move that is called Roundhouse Kick, Roundhouse Kick is when you spin around and kick.

How can one prevent themselves from getting an injury from Karate? They use defense. You do NOT use karate to attack someone but first defend yourself if they attack you.

Jzarahr competed in a tournament, how did she do in the tournament? She competed in the New Zealand Nationals. She won a Bronze Medal.

What advice could you give someone who was about to compete in a sports tournament? To play fair. and to never give up also to always be respectful to your opponents.

Read Jzarahr’s interview state three facts about her.
1, She didn't know the moves or what to do. But she picked it up.
2, She likes to eat Sushi and Thai Food.
3, She really likes dogs and horses.
4, She has two cats at home.
5, She wants to be a veterinarian.

Karate is a sport from Japan, what are some sports from other countries around the world?
1, Basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts.
2, Netball was invented in U.S.A.

Who is Sa Johnson? State three facts about him.
1, Sa is the coach.
2, He teaches karate.
3, He teaches them how to kick.

From reading the text do you think Karate is difficult? Why/why not? I think it is difficult because you have to learn how to kick high stuff.
And no its not because you can compete against others in other different countries.

Why do you think karate would be an important skill to have? State your reasons and why. I think it is important because you can use it if someone tries to attack you.

Research and find one famous person who has a black belt and is excellent at Karate.
State five facts about them? 1,Name:Kotani Sumiyuki
2,He received the rank of the 10th Dan in april 1984.
3,He died on October 19, 1991.
4, He would practise with every powerful and skilful judoka.
5, He graduated from Tokyo College of Education.

Monday, 18 August 2014


Fill in the gaps:

a) 2.5 + 3.9=5.4
-0.1     +0.1
2.4 + 3.0=5.4

b) 4.6 + 1.8=4.6
-0.2      +0.2
4.4 + 2.0=4.6

c) 3.1 + 6.3=9.4
-0.1     +0.1
3.0 + 6.4=9.4

d) 2.8 + 2.5=4.3
+0.2     -0.2
2.0 + 2.3=4.3

e) 4.8 + 6.7=10.5
+0.2     -0.2
4.0 + 6.5=10.5

f) 13.7 + 4.5=`17.2
+0.3      -0.3
13.0 + 4.2=17.2

g) 5.8 + 4.6=9.4
+0.2     -0.2
5.0 + 4.4=9.4

h) 9.9 + 4.6=13.5
+0.1     -0.1
9.0 + 4.5=13.5

i) 6.6 + 8.8=14.4
-0.2     +0.2
6.4 + 8.0=14.4

j) 4.2 + 5.8=9.0
-0.2     +0.2
4.0 + 5.0=9.0

k) 7.3 + 7.5=14.8
-0.3      +0.3
7.0 + 7.8=14.8

l) 11.1 + 6.8=17.9
-0.1       +0.1
11.0 + 6.9=17.9

m) 5.8 + 9.3=14.1
+0.2       -0.2
5.0 + 9.1=14.1

n) 7.2 + 8.4=15.6
-0.1       +0.1
7.1 + 8.5=15.6

o) 13.5 + 8.9=21.14
+0.2       -0.2
13.7 + 8.7=21.14

Complete these following activities:

A) 6.5 + 8.1=14.6

B) 9.3 + 7.4=16.7

C) 6.7 + 8.3=14.0

D) 4.8 + 12.3=17.1

E) 7.7 + 2.6=13.9

F) 12.4 + 12.9=25.3

G) 9.8 + 8.8=18.6

H) 7.3 + 12.4=19.7

I) 15.3 + 3.7=18.0

Word problem:
1) I have 3.7 metres of rope and I found another 7.8 metres of rope. How much rope do I have? 15.0

2) Andrew weights 45.6 kilograms and his cat weights 4.8 kilograms. How much do they both weight in total? 49.6

3) Sarah was 1.3 metres tall but she was gown another 0.3 metres this year. How tall i she now? 1.6

4) An electrician has completed 14.4 metres of wiring in a house. He just still do another 13.6 metres of wiring. How much wiring does the house require in total? 27.0

5) A designer uses 4,6 metres of blue fabric and 12.3 metres of red fabric. How much fabric has she used in total? 18.7

6) To create a long red carpet two carpet are placed together. One is 12.2 metres long and the other is 14.5 metres long. How long is the red carpet in total? 26.7

7) My car has 33.4 liters of petrol in it. I add another 7.5 liters of petrol. How much petrol is in my car now? 40.9

8) Sue drank 1.6 of liters of water and another 1.3 liters this afternoon. How much water has she drank? 2.9

9) A paddling pool had 37.3 liters of water in it. I added 19.8 liters of water. How much water is in it now? 57.1


This is my Popplet that I have done all by myself and this is my Popplet about Change what I had to do was find another word for Change and here are 36 words of another word for Change.

Friday, 15 August 2014


My sport is Basketball, I have chosen this sport is because I want to be a professional Basketball player one day because I find Basketball really interesting. Basketball is  kind of a simple game to play because its a really swift game and its difficult to learn. The reason I want to be a professional Basketball player is because I always watch Basketball and I wish that I can be like one of those professional Basketball players.

I know that Basketball is a really famous game in America, but not just in America but also around other countries. Basketball is a fun game that everyone will love to play and also enjoy because Basketball is the most fun game that I have ever played before and its really awesome.

Basketball was first played in Springfield at 1991, and the first game of Basketball was first  played at a school called  Springfield college. The person that invented Basketball was a man called James Naismith, James Naismith is a really famous person because he was the one that invented Basketball.

The rule for Basketball is similar to Netball, the rule for Basketball is that you are not allow to double dribble the ball that means you can’t run and then bounce the ball you have to either bounce the ball or pass it or if you are close to the shooter and can have a chance of shooting the ball. Also you can’t travel the ball it  means you can’t run with the ball all the way to the end of the court because that means you are travelling. The other rule is that you are allow to stand close to your partner and defend but you can’t hit them or try to contact with them or else you have to stand down.

The passion about shooting is that you are allow to shoot anywhere in the circle even outside of the circle. The thing about shooting in Basketball is that if you stand outside of the circle and you get it in you get three point for you team which is not the same as Netball. Shooting the ball at Basketball is really fun to watch because seeing the Basketball people shooting three pointer is really amazing.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

GO Red.

Referring to the title of the text what do you think the article is about? I think its about a car called Go red and the car is racing someone so thats why the car is called Go Red.

Why do Saturday’s start early for Alice? Is because she is in a football team and her dad Frank is the coach so he goes to the field and organise the stuff for the team.

What does Alice enjoy being a part of, for what reason do you believe she enjoys this? The reason she likes being part of this is because she likes being the backline for there team because she enjoys it.

What does the goal weigh? What do you think Ashleigh is doing when she says this. Think about if the goal were to literally weigh this, would it be even possible for Ashleigh to lift it? No because when they were getting ready and getting the nets ready Ashleigh lifted up the goal and said the net weights a ton it means its really heavey.

How do you think the girls are feeling prior to their game? Is that they are feeling maybe nervous at the start but when they are playing they might be just alright.Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feeling/ how do you feel before playing a netball or rugby game? When I am ready for a game like Netball or Rugby I get really nervous and scared because people is watching and I get really shy sometimes.

“Jessica jumps high and deflects the ball” what does this mean? It means she stopped the ball coming into the net and she touched it with her fingernails and she defended the ball.

What are the girls doing prior to their game starting? Is that they are practicing some ball skills and practicing how to block the ball from coming.  Refer to the images at the top of page 6. For what reason are they doing this? The reason they are doing this is because they want to get better and also they are practicing because they want to win.

Frank urges the girls to not give up, what does it mean when you urge someone to do something? Urges means hes trying to make his team not give up and so they can try there best and not give up thats what it means.

In most sports games there is always a referee, what is the role of the referee? Is that in every game you have to listen to the referee because if you don’t you will get a red card or yellow card. Why is a referee so important? Every game there is always a referee because they are the people that knows the game really well and they also know the rules.

What are three very important characters a person needs to have to be part of a sports team.
1) Good attitude and that will behave and listen to the coach at all times.
2) Turn up to all trainings at all time and have good manners.
3) And bring the right gear to the game.

Who is Cara Telea, state five facts about her.
1) She plays in the football team (soccer)
2) She is the team captain.
3) She tells them to train.
4) She trains hard for the team.
5) She likes playing football ( Soccer)

From reading the text, do you think soccer is a difficult game to play?  Why/why not. I think it is because you have to always use your feet to try to get to the goal but you are not allow to touch the ball with your hands.

Why do you think soccer is more popular in some countries instead of some others? Because its maybe was originated in that country and it is a new to some countries because we just heard that game but maybe other countries have heard the game called soccer before.

Who is a famous soccer player, state five facts about them.
Name: Luis Suarez
1) He is a professional soccer player.
2) He played in the Fifa world cup.
3) He was born on 24th of January 1987.
4) Luis won the football league cup.
5) He had a surgery on his left knee.

From reading the text we know that different soccer players have different positions, what do you think would be the most difficult position to play and why? It would be the defensive position because you have to defend the person to get the ball.