Monday, 31 March 2014


This is my group activity that I have done and this is what we had to do which was solve this question which is How much is 1/5 of 40? and i have solved the answer which is 8. Hope you enjoy reading my maths work. 

Words for Love.

This is my popplet that I have done and it is really cool the word that I had to find what does it mean was Love these are all the words that I think it means for Love I hope can read it and you can try to find a lot more words for love.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Nelson Mandela.

Title: Nelson Mandela

Orientation: Full name, where they were born/lived and what they were famous for.

Paragraph 1:
My story is about a really special person in South Africa and his name is Nelson Mandela he was born on July 18, 1918 and also died on December 5th 2013, buried on December 15th 2013. Nelson Mandela  was a special person because he was the Prime Minister of South Africa and also a really kind person because people in his country and other country really loved him and cared for him even his wife that is still alive.

Paragraph 2: Nelson Mandela’s Mother name is Noqaphi Nosekeni and his Father name is Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa. Mandela went to university of south Africa and he also had siblings and there names are Leiby Piliso, Baliwe Mandela and  Mlahlwa Mandela, his full name is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. The school that he went to was a local mission school in his home village Mvenzo.  

Paragraph 3: Mandela went to jail for 27 years because people were racist to him because of his colour and he had to fight for his people and that why the had to go to jail for 27 years.  When he was in jail white people treat him really badly that they will always hit him all the time, nelson mandela was a really grateful and loving man because he was a really nice man that saved other people from being racist.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Puia Hangi.

Puia Hangi, School Journal Part 3 Number 3, 2001

WALT - Discuss and analyse a text.

Success Criteria - I can discuss and find information in the text that supports my answers and discussions.
I can analyse and look for clues in the text to make my own decisions and conclusions about it.

Answer the following questions in red:

Who was the article written by? For what reasons did these people write this article, instead of a writer? Diana Noonan and the children of room 8 Hirangi school, the reason why it was not a writer was because it is a school that did this activity.

Referring to the image and title of the article, what do you think it is about? I think it is about a Hangi and kids that make it also eat and I also think it is about healthy eating for there class.

Where is the article set? The article is set in the end of the lake Taupo for the to cook their Hangi  and enjoy there hangi and also eat at the end.

What is a settlement? Tell me two things about a settlement. A settlement is setting something up, and also think it is about setting someone up. That what settlement means to me.

What does geothermal mean? Can you name two geothermal towns/cities in NZ? The geothermal is at Auckland and wellington that is where the geothermal is.

What are the children studying at school? The kids a studying healthy food thats what they are learning about at there school.  What do you know about this topic?  I know about this topic is that we have to eat lots and lots of healthy food everyday. What I know also is that this what they are studying for at school.

Because they are studying this topic what do you think they are learning? Can you tell me three things about healthy eating? The reason they are learning this and the reason they are eating healthy things is to keep there brains working for school and they can learn. The three things they should be eating is Vegetables, Chops and you can drink water that is also healthy to.

What does their kai have to include? Their kai have to include healthy things like Vegetables and along with sausages and chops. These are what they have to eat and it is really healthy for them to eat for school.

Where did Mareka get her pork from? Would the meat be fresher because of the way it was caught and where it came from? Mareka dad shot a pig and took it to there school to cook for there Hangi and it is really fresh because he went hunting and saw it and he shot and decided to take it to Mareka hangi.

For what reason do you think they are wrapping the meat in tinfoil? Have you ever cooked or seen anyone cook using tinfoil. For what reason do you think they were using this material when cooking? They use the tinfoil is because to keep the heat inside and it also can cook properly so it can taste really well, and also it can be really nice when you eat it.


What do they cook the food in? How do you think this cooks the food? They cook it in a hangi that is made of wood and they bring something raw then they put it in the wooden hangi for 20 or 30 minutes later and it is fresh and cook up ready to eat.

Why do the children not have to worry about their kai burning? Because they will put it into tinfoil to warm it up and the brunt parts will be soft and also the kids can just peel it off.

What do you think about this traditional way of cooking? If you had the opportunity to cook in this way would you? Why/why not? No is because I can’t do a Hangi and I think my parents will is because they know how to do or when they are too lazy to cook they can just buy something and put it into the Hangi and ready to cook.

How are the locals making money from this way of cooking? What they local to get money is if they make lots and lots of Hangi they can be able to sell if and put up a sign up and when put drives past they can see the sign and they will come and have a try of the Hangi.

What are the benefits of cooking in this way? The benefit of cooking this way is that its not wasting power and also it will be fresh because it will be cooked really well and it's also healthy.

Approximately how long does it take for food to cook in this way? Is this the normal amount of time food takes to cook? I think it only take an half an hour just to cook but it also depends if the food was in the freezer for long because if it was in the freezer it will be hard to hangi and it will take a really long time how it usually cooks.

When does the puia become cooler, for what reason does this occurence make it become cooler? They wrap it in a tinfoil to make it cooler and fresh to eat for the kids who make it and it can also be warm and healthy to eat.

For what reason was some of the food still firm? Because it was not cooked properly and it was not wrapped up in a tinfoil because if you don’t wrap it up with a tinfoil it will not be cooked really well how you wanted it to look.

Do you think that by cooking in this way the students are eating healthily? yes because it is fresher and healthier for kids and really nice that they can enjoy the really yummy Hangi.

What were some of the uses for puia, besides cooking? Hangi, potatoes, meat and also vegetables.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Complete these following Activities.

A)  538 + 299=837
           1 1
       8  3  7

B) 214 + 108=322

       3  2  2

C) 519 + 266=785
         7  8  5

D) 355 + 280=635
       6  3  5

E) 146 + 155=301
         1  1
       3   0  1

F) 763 + 288=1051
         1  1
     1 0 5 1

G) 515 + 109=624
        6  2   4


H) 553 + 268=
        1 1
      8  2  1

I) 346 + 245=
      5  9  1

A) There are 253 cars on level 1 of the car park and s75 cars on level 2 of the car park.
How many cars in total are in the car park? 628

B) A fruit company has printed 542 labels for their fruit salad tins. They still need to print another 209. How many labels must they print in total? 1251

C) The sock company sold 674 pairs of socks last month. How many pairs of socks have they sold in the last month?

D) A rubbish truck collected 387 bins before lunch and another 367 bins after lunch. How many bins has it collected? 754

E) One side of a street has 267 letter boxes and the other side has 273 letter box. How many letter boxes are in the whole street? 540

F) A supermarket sold 184 potatoes yesterday and another 174 potatoes today. How many potatoes have they sold in the last two days? 358

G) The runners in a marathon drank 456 cups of water during the first half of the marathon and 686 cups of water during the second half of the marathon. In total how many cups of water were drank? 1140

H) A coffee shop made 279 cups of coffee on saturday and another 284 cups of coffee on sunday. How many cups of coffee have they made over the two days?563

I) Sarah took 318 photos while she was on holiday and her brother took 175 photos. How many photos did they take in total? 493


Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Fill in the gaps.

a) 412 + 228=630
    + 412
       6 4 0

b) 537 + 291=928
     9 2 8   

c) 644 + 358=1002
           1  1
       1 0 0 2

d)  866 + 525=1391
         13 9 1

e) 393 + 142=535
      5  3  5

f) 832 + 104=936

     + 104
       9 3 6

g) 258 + 106=364
      3  6  4

H) 333 + 128=461
        4 6 1

i) 928 + 542=1470
     1 4 7 0

j) 226 + 190=416
     4  1 6

k) 367 + 192=559
       5 5 9

l) 535 + 191=726
       7 2 6

This is my maths work that I have done all by myself what I did to solve all these answers was that I added it up and I am going to show you so if my question was 799 + 489= What I did was algorithms and this is how you do it.
   1 1
  12 8   8                                

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Malaysian Airlines - News paper report

Malaysian Airlines Vanished.

Writer’s name: Asena

A Malaysian Airlines flight has vanished from radar screens with 239 people on board and has still not been found. It disappeared on Saturday less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, the plane was bound to Beijing. Two New Zealanders were on board this plane, Planes and ships from across Asia are hunting for the missing plane. The thing that is worrying other people in the country is how two members got into the flight buy stolen passports.

At this reason for disappearing is unknown. The weather was definitely fine, that the plane was going in a fast speed and didn’t send a distress signal. This plane didn’t have enough foil to be flying this long, it only takes 7 hours just to get to Beijing.  

I was wondering how did this plane disappear is it because it didn’t follow the  right direction. People who had families or friends  that was on board is really disappointed because there love ones are on this plane and they are really upset. Watching the news one lady was crying because her son was one of them that was on board on the Malaysian airlines she was crying so loud that the security couldn't be able to hold her because she was moving around and crying because she really misses her son.  

People in the world are saying maybe the pilot was the one that made the plane disappear by purpose so families can be really upset. Do they know the pilot really well or not. I really hate this pilot because there were 7 children on this plane and they wanted to visit Beijing because lots of there families were there and they wanted to see them.

Hopefully they will find the plane one day and hope the people that was in the plane is still alive even the kids and babes that was on board. One day I wish that they will be back with there family and be safe together as the go, and as I pray I pray that one day or maybe today they can find the missing plane that everyone will be safe and sound.