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The Penny walk.

The Penny Walk By Paul Mason
School Journal April 2012, Level 3

WALT:Use our knowledge of the text to apply it, answer questions that test our comprehension of the text.

Answer the following questions in red:

Looking at the title of the story, what do you think the story is about? The title of the story I think its about a coin that is falling from the sky.

Referring only to the images on the first page, how do they support the title of the story?
I think it is supporting the title by looking it and reading what it means  and the story is about the penny walk and two girls that is flipping a coin.

What was the idea of the “penny walk”? The Idea of the penny walk is if they reach to a end of the street they have to flip a coin and if its leads them wherever they go but they can’t change their mind about going another way.

Where was Louisa hoping the coin might lead them to? Louisa was hoping that the coin will lead them past the ice cream shop or maybe the playground.

Why do you think she was hoping for these two places? The reason she was hoping for these two places was that its close where they are going to there home.

From the two places Louisa was hoping the coin might lead her and Hazel to, how old do you think the two girls are? Why do you think they are this age? Louisa and Hazel is probably 13 or 14 years old I think they are this age is because they look old and they look that they are in college.  

For what reason are you not supposed to look a Bull in the eye? The reason you are not allow to look at a bulls eyes is because it can attack other people and its really dangerous and it can hurt other people.

Where do you think the coin tossing and “penny walk” will take the two girls? I think the penny walk might take them somewhere that they haven’t been to at all and they might be scared that they can’t find anywhere to go until they flip the coin right.

Do you think what they are doing is a sensible idea/ why /why not? The reason I don’t think its a good idea is because the penny walk might lead them to another place where they don’t know or ever had been there.

What do you think will next happen in the story? Make a prediction? The next might happen is because they might be lost and they can’t find anyway to go back home so they might have to keep flipping the coin until it leads them where they want to go.

Find three words that are new to you and find the definitions of those words.


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