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Leave by Marie Keir
School Journal Part 3, Number 3 2008

Answer the following questions in red

WALT:Use our prior knowledge to apply, analyse and retell events in a story.

Looking at the title of the story and the image on the first page, what is this story about? I think its about someone leaving from or someone coming to their country.

Why didn’t she say that she had missed mums smell? The reason jade didn’t want to tell her mum that she missed her smell because she was excited and shy to speak to her mum about how she missed her smells.

What did mum put in Jade’s hands? Describe it. Mum put a toy camel on jades hand it was a gift from her mum when she went on her job trip at Afghanistan and she brought a camel for her daughter jade.

Where do you think Jade’s mother has come home from? Jade's mother has come from Afghanistan because how she brought the camel because camel’s are from hot places like Afghanistan.

What country do you think this story is set in, what is your reason for this? This story is set at Afghanistan because mum came home with a camel for her daughter jade so she can play with because it was a present.

What does the word inspected mean? Put this into a sentence of your own? My parents were inspected to a meeting for their job.

Who does peacekeeping for work, what does this mean? The active maintenance of a truce between nations of communities, especially by an international military force.

Where is Afghanistan, find three facts about this country. Afghanistan is really close to Pakistan and its really hot there thats why we have camels.

How do you think Ellie feels that her parents work in these types of occupations, how would you feel? She feels unhappy because her mother is leaving for two more years and she won’t see her for a long time.

Who was going to pick mum up in the morning? Dad and jade went and picked up mum from the airport to come back and see her husband and her daughter jade. Where is mum going? Mum was going back to work at Afghanistan that is her job and her job is a army.

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