Monday, 29 October 2012

Asena picture 1

Finn is 14 years old. He was meeting his friends at the park but they didn’t come so Finn decided to swing while he was waiting for them to turn up.
While he was swinging he jumped off the swing and hit his leg on the tree as he jumped.

What happened next? Well, Finn fell in front of and the people, they were laughing at him and didn’t go and help him, even when his leg was hurting badly.

After everyone left Finn just lying on the ground,  a friendly kid came and helped Fin get up with his brother Jimmy. They took him home which was lucky, as Finn had twisted his leg.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Standing on the rocks of the beach  I heard a person shouting “HELP!” So I wondered who was it. When I looked carefully, it was a girl drowning. Someone would need to save her. I saw that person and it was a girl in a red T-shirt. Walking towards the girl, we grabbed her out of the sea, got her dried and took her to sit down on the sand.

While my family and I  were swimming at the beach, the little girl was watching the whales swimming around together. I wondered``where her mum was.

The girl’s name was Naomi she was the one that nearly drowned and someone saved her life in the sea. This all happened at Point England beach while her family wasn’t there, only her little brother jack.

Trying to find the little girl Parents, we looked for her family everywhere but we just couldn't  find them. So we took her to our home.

One day we heard someone knocked at our house, it was Naomi’s mum. Naomi came and hugged her mum and they went to their own house and we were happy that Naomi’s mum had found her.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Asena Trick or Treat Halloween

One day me and my brother went trick or treating around the neighbor's houses. My brother was the clown and I was the ninja. Our bucket was full of lollies. Suddenly my brother came and grabbed the bucket, I said “ No it’s both of ours.” My brother said “But I was the one that got the most lollies so they are mine”. So i snathed the bucket of him and punch him and ran as fast as I can.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our Narrative imagination of a flood

Hello my name is Daniel. Well I am 9 years old  and school is over. There has been a flood in Japan,  it is a Huge  flood. This water looked like a swimming pool, but it was cold.

Many children started to come out from their houses and play with me. Seeing my friends coming out to find me I felt so afraid because I had made a bet.  I was so scared that I might lose.

I had to jump because me and my friend had a bet .He told me if we do rock paper scissors, and if I lose then I  have to jump  into that water and do a BOMB as best as I could . Me and  my friend had this challenge because we were checking who can do the biggest BOMB and I  Daniel did not want to do a small bomb.

More kids  came out ready to watch me jump into the water. I did a HUGE BOMB and the water SPLASHED on my friends’ faces.

We loved this flood because we like to play in the  water. But there was a problem, the parents didn’t like this.  This was too hard that our things needed to be moved away from the water. Lucky I didn’t have to help, only my brothers and sisters did.

Monday, 15 October 2012



                       This is the words that room13 thought about how you  discover toys that you can make it your own.