Thursday, 28 March 2013

Asena the smelly Parite.

The name of my Parite is jack  because he hangs around the jungle island and he is not nice to other people.

I Pirate jack was really yucky and ugly because I had rip clothes and black teeth which no one didn't even want to talk to me at all.  I had long hair that was really messy and flies keep buzzing around my hair.

“Arrr What are you doing with my treasure you smelly old scoundrel. “Arrrr give back my treasure Asena pirate said or else I will go and find my own treasure that is  really better and real gold. “THAT IS JUST FAKE GOLD”!!!.

Walking down the river I saw a flash boat,  that a box was sticking out I thought what it was until I saw a gold coin flashing through the window so I quickly ran and  grabbed the treasure and off I go.


Monday, 25 March 2013

"CAMP" Concert.

On thursday night at camp I was the worst night “EVER”!! because group had to perform up on the stage. The fourth group was the Synergy which was my group that had to go up on the stage and perform. Getting up on the stage I was scared because there was lots of people siting down on the chair waiting for us to do our dance.

Asena Presentation

Hi my name is Asena and this is Presentation about camp.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Waking up ready for “CAMP”!!! I was really excited because this is my 2nd time on camp which is cool. I didn’t get a good sleep because I was into camp really badly that I wanted to go to school at night time but really I had to go and brush my teeth, wash my face and also brush my hair.Our group is so lucky because we have the best camp teacher “EVER”.

The first activity we did was kayaking, down at the reserve with Mr Brut. When I did Kayaking I was scared because Me and Ata kept on moving the kayak which made us fall. While I was having laughs with Ata she told me that she is going to jump off now, “I SAID TO HER DON’T AND SHE WAS ALREADY DOWN IN THE SEA”!!!! So I fell into the sea TOO”!. Mr Burt showed us how to get into the kayak and it was foot bum foot.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Omaru Creek

Asena's Omaru Creek Map from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This my map about Omaru creek. By Asena HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!.