Thursday, 5 November 2015

Writing Test.

Waking up in fear knowing that today is the  yr7&8 mix tournament,  I was very nervous that I wanted the tournament to be over and done with. Getting ready and dressed up for school made more pressure on me , I felt like I had butterflies all around my body .

As I got to school I heard the 8:30 bell rang,  I quickly ran to the hall ready to go. Lining up in our team line ready to go, I could hear the yr 5&6s talking about how excited they were  to play against the other teams. Hearing the yr 5&6s talking about how excited they are just to get on the field and play made my butterflies slowly go away.

When we got to Dunkirk all the other schools were setting up there tents ready to go for this big day. As soon as we got to the fields everyone had to gather there things into one pile so that we could put the tent up. While everyone was helping out with the tents, Katalina and I had to go and help out with the sausages because our school had to fundraise some money.

After Katalina and I finish helping out with the sausages, all the teams gathered around the tents so our coaches can tell us when and who are we playing against. When we finish our little meeting all the teams had to go with there coaches and warm up ready for the first game.  Walking with my team and our coach Tyson to our field to warm up, I was scared and nervous that I might drop the ball.

As the hooter went Tyson told us who's the starting seven. Walking onto the field was very scarey because people were watching. Our first game was against Tamaki Primary they were very hard, but at the end we scored a lot of tries against them. Playing my first games of touch against boys and girls was a bit challenging because the boys were very fast to touch . Winning our first game was a very exciting news for me and my team.

Winning all our games against the schools was very exciting. The last game was the finals where we had to play against Glen Taylor. Playing against Glen Taylor was the hardest game in the tournament because they had some very good players and very good steppers. Scoring the first try against Glen taylor in the finals was very happy moment for me.

My highlight for the was coming 1st against  Glen Taylor, and also playing against other schools and meeting new people.

Monday, 21 September 2015


Waking up in fear knowing that today is my first ever rugby 7’s tournament which was hilarious because  I really didn’t know how to play. Running to my teammates asking them who is nervous for this big day, they all seemed chilled because they knew how to play.

Once we left the school grounds all the girls were talking how excited they were to play. I felt left out because I was the only one who really didn’t know how to play and what am I going to do out on the field. Sitting on the chair, all I was feeling was butterflies and fear all around me.

As soon as we got to the field there were already teams warming up because the first game was kicking off at 9:30. Seeing all the teams warming up made me even more terrified that I wanted the game over and done with. While we were putting our bags away Miss Va'a Fusanga gathered us girls in a circle to tell who's the starting 7 and our game plan for the day.

Starting our first game against Viscount was a big match that we wanted to win so we put all our energy into this game. Getting ready for Viscount to kick the ball I was standing in a good position ready to catch the ball. Catching the ball and running towards the player slowly  made my butterflies fly away. Losing the first game wasn’t the result we wanted but at least we went out there and tried our very best.

Overall I felt very happy that I tried my best because that was my first time playing rugby 7’s and I was proud of myself because I done a great job, even though we didn’t want the results we wanted but at least we all tried our best.

Friday, 18 September 2015

My Logo Introducation.

Designing a personal logo has many steps.  One of the steps is to research on Google what will be drawn. A personal logo is something created that represents a person and their culture.  

A logo design starts off by creating your own brainstorm that  includes many ideas that you're going to put onto the logo. Try putting things that people don't know about you, and things that represents yourself.

To design a logo the first step was to create our own presentation that describes ourselves . For the presentation you had to put as many ideas on it for you to create your design. After you have finish putting all ideas onto the presentation then you start planning what you going to draw.

Drawing an ogo design was very tricky because we had to draw a thumbnail concept. For people that don’t know what a thumbnail concept  it means drawing your ideas the same size as your thumb.

Overall I am proud of how my logo turned out. I think I did really good because I added lots of details to my logo, I've added some drawings that represents myself which was a tongan flag. I really enjoyed this task because I got to create my own personal logo that represents my culture and myself.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country.

Waiting on the courtyard waiting for Mr Burt to say it's time for the year 8 girls to start there cross country run, made me very nervous and scared. Walking towards the line ready to start I felt really nervous that I almost cried because all I was thinking of was coming last in the run.

Before we started running Mr Burt gathered us girls in a circle to tell us just to try our best  and not give up. While he was talking I was shaking with butterflies flying around my stomach which shows that I was really nervous. When Mr Burt said girls line up my heart was beating really fast that I felt like getting the race over and done with.

“On your mark, get set," BANG! as the wood clapper went running towards the front. While I was running my confidence began to  grow that my butterflies was starting to go away. Running around the muddy parts was a big  mission for us because it was very slippery that I almost fell, but lucky I was holding onto some of the girls.

When I was running all I was thinking about was making it past the finish line. As I was running my legs was burning really bad that I wanted to stop, but I just kept on running to the finish line. As soon I reached the school gates I felt very happy because I heard people shouting go asena go looking up towards the field. Running past the park was very scarey because people was looking at me while I was running, but also I was happy because I made it past the finish line.

Overall I was very proud of myself because I came 3rd and I tried my very best at the cross country run.

Friday, 11 September 2015


For the past few weeks we have been learning about being financially responsible with money. Part of  being financially responsible is about saving your money for things that is really important like taking your family on a vacation. Also being financially responsible is about using your money in a correct way and not spending it on things you don't really need.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Staying Cybersmart.

This afternoon Mrs Kyla came into our maths classes and talked to us about being cyber smart online and where ever you go. So this is my own Google drawing work that I have created about being cyber smart online.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Free Blog Writing.

For the past few weeks in literacy we have been learning about designing our own logos. Designing our own logos we had to go onto Google and find some ideas and put it onto our logo design. Drawing our logo design it had to be at least two drawings that represents our culture. When we were drawing our design it had to be the same size as our thumbnail, a thumbnail means when you sketch a picture that is the same size as your thumb. On slide 2 there is a picture of my logo design that I had created myself, the reason I draw these logos its because it relates to my culture, as you can see there is a Tongan flag  which shows that I am Tongan.  

Monday, 31 August 2015

Reading Progress.

I'm at the green stage and by next week I have to be at the blue stage. What I have to do is demonstrate that I have attempted every part of my assignment. I have to at least complete more than 75% of my work. I have to at least ask for help when I need it. And the last thing is to post something on my blog at least every single day.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Smart Surfing.

This morning Mrs Kyla came in to class 4 to talk to u about Smart surfing and using loads of key words. We were learning to use Google smarty, we had to make sure we typed what we wanted to make sure we get the results we wanted.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Smart Footprint.

Yesterday during maths time Ms Kyla came to our class to talk to about being cyber smart online and being cyber smart everywhere you go. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Creating My Personal Logo.

This week for reading our task was that we had to create our own personal logo that represents our culture and ourselves. Here was my brainstorm of how I made my logo step by step.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Reading: Design it.

This is my reading task from last week and this week. The book was about a little boy who wanted to design his own T-shirt company.  Hope you enjoy reading my work.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Number of the week.

For this week for maths we have been learning about numbers that are 100 more or less more. So here is my presentation about what we have been doing during maths.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Multiplication Pyramid.

This Multiplication chart is helping me to solve my timetables. As you can see at my multiplication triangle is that when it gets close to the top the question gets harder and harder. What are we learning this week for maths is to try practice out timetables every single day. 


This is my reading progress to improve my reading I have to do the right thing during reading time and always finish off my work in the right time. For reading this week I have to get my work finish on time and publish on my blog.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My problem solving.

In the middle block for maths what we were learning about was measuring and solving what is a perimeter, Here is my problem that I have been working on during maths. 

Venn Diagram.

a) What the articles were about? This articles is about a technology that is created by Samsonite.
b) What you found most interesting? The part that I found interesting is how Samsonite created a luggage that you can control with your phone.
c) Weather or not you would want a smart suitcase? I would want a suitcase like Samsonite its because instead of carrying your suitcase you can just control it with your own phone.

This is my reading progress.

Currently I am at level orange. My goal is to be a level purple. I have been finishing of my work some of the times. When I am stuck i ask for help. I sometimes write about what I do. What I need help on is finishing of my work properly. What I need to do now is to concentrate on my work and to finish it of properly.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

ANZAC Movie.

This term we have been learning about the ANZAC soldiers and WW 1.  In our literacy class, we have been reading different stories about the things that happened during the war. What I found interesting is that they use to Geophones to keep track of their enemies. A geophone is something with an ear piece connected to the geophone. At the end of the geophone their is a disc shape microphone that connects to the ear piece and when you move on disc around you can hear what they are saying or doing.

My writing group decided to write a movie script to show some of the things we learnt about WW 1.  Our movie is about Anzac and how the soldiers went to World War 1 to fight for their country. What I couldn't imagine is the people who starved and the people that were cold and had no place to stay over night.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Future Aspirations

On Wednesday  the yr7&8 block had an opportunity to have two very special guest called Marcus Winter and Gordon Latty, and also a man called Andrew Patterson. Andrew Patterson was the man that introduce them to us. These special guest was really amazing because they gave us some tips and hints about there lives and what they did when they were young and how they became famous.

As Andrew Patterson was getting ready to introduce the first speaker, first of all he showed us some quotes that was important to him. The quote that he really liked was  Keep doing what makes you awesome. When he showed us all of his quotes to us it was now time for Marcus Winter to speak to us.

When Marcus was talking to us about how he became famous, first off all he told everyone to get up and dance with him to the uptown funk song by Bruno Mars. After our dance now Marcus was talking to us how he became famous. When Marcus was talking to us about his life  first he started when he was in primary that when he was little like us he will always be the last in everything like last in writing because he was a really slow writer. Also what Marcus Winter was telling us is that he started off being famous in the streets to becoming more famous when we traveled around the world.

After the 2nd speaker which was Marcus Winter then it was Gordon Latty which was a man that was really interested into basketball. What he was telling us about was that when he was young he dreamed about being a famous basketball player like Michael Jordan.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Anzac Biscuits.

Every Friday after assembly team 5 gather around for Zeal Zone time which was really exciting. Knowing that we were in Mrs Tele'a group which was cooking was really amazing because we were making Anzac Biscuits. I hope during your spare time you can make these Anzac biscuites.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mr Burt Korero.

This afternoon the year 7&8 block had Mr Burt over to talk about Technology in World War 1. The thing that  Mr Burt was talking to us about was the Technology in World War 1 and how was it invented. Also Mr Burt was telling us that his Granddad was part of going to the World War 1 to fight for the country.

Is Technology good or bad? I think that Technology is good because without there Technology in World War 1 they wouldn't have anything to fight with, and they will not be able to travel without Technology like going on a tank.  

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zeal Zone.

This picture shows you all about what we have been doing in Zeal Zone. Mrs Moala gave us a date from the World War 1 to search up what happened on that year. Here are some facts as well as pictures to show you what happened on August 29, 1914.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

ANZAC Memorial at Pt England school.

Pt England school was really blessed to have there own memorial to celebrate the 100th years of ANZAC day. ANZAC day is a really important time to celebrate the soldiers that died for us in the war. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Visual Mihi.

Hi my name is Asena and this is my visual mihi about the things that is important to myself,  as you can see there is a togan flag because I am full  togan and also you can see there is a cross because my family and I really enjoy going to church. Hope you enjoy reading my visual mihi.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First day back at school.

Waking up in the morning knowing that its the first day of school so I quickly rushed to the bathroom and wash my face to get ready for school. As I was getting ready I was feeling a little bit nervous because I really badly wanted to know what class I was gonna be in.

As I arrived at school all my friends ran towards me and gave me huge hugs because we haven’t seen each other for a long time. As my friends and I was walking we were all nervous because all of us wanted to be in the same class.

When we got called to go and sit in the hall ready for our assembly I was feeling really happy to see everyone back at school. while Mr Burt was talking he told all the year 8’s to go to the street that's where the seniors are.

As soon we entered the street we had to sit down so we can welcome the year 7’s to the senior block. After the year 7’s came in we had to sing a special song for them. As soon we finished singing the new teachers had to come and introduce themselves to us.

When they finished introducing themselves it was time to call out the classes and the first class to be called out was class 1, it was Mr Wiseman class. As they called out other kids name I was wondering if they are going to call out my name, after about 10 people they called out my name and I was really nervous because I don’t really know my teacher that well.

My Goals for this term.

My goal for this term:

My goals for this term is trying my best in maths and trying to move up a level.

 My mostly important goal is trying to finish of work at all times and listening to the teacher.

 My goal for this whole year is trying to strive to succeed and achieving my goals like reading, writing and maths.

This goal for this year:
 My number one goal is try to listen to the teacher and not to talk while hes talking.

 My most important goal for the year is to always be in the right place, right time with the right attitude. 

My last goal for this year is trying to improve all my goals and do the right thing at all times and also to help other.