Friday, 23 November 2012

Asena Manaikalani

I am proud to be in the Manaiakalani cluster. I like to share my things around the world and my blogs so I can be famous like the Manaiakalani, Our school trust our parents. Why? The reason Manaiakalani trust us because we take care of our Netbooks. The reason we have Netbooks is we can connect to wireless and learn on it.

The Minister of Education came to our school to tell us all about how famous is our school and about Manaiakalani that which is famous too. The lady that talk to us about how famous Manaiakalani is, her name is Hekia Parata. Thank you Mr Burt and Miss Burt for getting the Netbooks for our school. THANK YOU MANAIAKALANI!!!!! for helping us. I will like to THANK my parent.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Asena 50 words

This video was made by Jordenne, Iron and Sela. Here is a link to Jordenne's

Leaving our school and going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival was really cool because we get to see lots of movies that other classes had made. That was AMAZING!!!.
Watching my friends movie was really amazing. It felt like I wanted to watch it  and again which was really fun.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Asena Athlete day

Last week we had school athlete day that was really fun because the sun was along with us for the whole day which was amazing. There was lots of sport that we can compete in like high jump, running, shot put and also javelin. The group that I was in was in the 10 years old the teacher that was looking after our group was Miss Ouna.

The third sport we went to was high jump, it was really cool but I came nothing in it only my friend Jordenne came 2nd, Porscha came 1st and later came 3rd they are really good at high jump because they all came something Miss King which she is my teacher she was the one doing the high jump mat.

Our next activity was spriting I was really nervous because I might come 2nd when I was standing on the line ready to run I just said to myself, I will try my best. When Mr J said on your marks set BANG!!!! when I heard the BANG go I ran fast as I could to the end when I got there I came 2nd and Ana came 1st. On the 100 metre run I came 1st and on the 75 meter final I came 1st too.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie was walking home, he saw a gold coin and decided to go and buy him a wonka Bar.

He was eating without stopping because he was very hungry that the shopkeeper said “Don’t eat a lot because  you might get a stomach ache.”

Finishing of his 1st bar of chocolate, Charlie said to the shopkeeper, “Can I have another bar for Grandpa Joe?” He went outside and heard the people saying that the fifth golden ticket was a fake. So he went and saw the newspaper for himself.

Charlie was walking slowly to a quiet place where he opened his Grandpa’s chocolate bar. He carefully and slowly opened it and there he saw the golden ticket. Charlie was so happy. As he was holding it up, until a lady came and grabbed Charlie’s hand and said “He’s found it!”

People were surrounding Charlie because they wanted the golden ticket. The people were trying to get it of him but Charlie was just holding it tight it in his hands.

When Charlie got the ticket he ran as fast as he could to tell his Grandpa Joe.