Friday, 28 February 2014

Showing the Pt England Way.

In our school we have lots of  important rules that Teachers, Visitors and kids  can follow and show the Pt England way. One of the Pt England way is that we have to listen carefully and don’t talk while the teacher is talking we always  have to follow these rules all the time. Part of the Pt England way is showing respect it means, that we have to do the right things at all time even when we are out of school or in at school.

At our school  we have  perfects they help us, encourage people and care for  others,  even we have house captain they cheer for kids when they a put down at sport and  nervous to do something new, and also we  have ambassadors that go around places and talk about our school how we do throughout the year which is really amazing.

We show our  way  by showing respect to others by doing the right thing at class and when the teacher tells us something to do we go and do what we been ask to do.  Part of showing respect is Tiaki Taonga it means Our most treasured, Our school, Our people, Our efforts and Our success, It means that we have to care for one another and do the right thing at school that what Tiaki Taonga means to me.

The reason Mr Burt put it up so that when we do the wrong thing we can always look up at it and learn from our mistake, so next time we don’t do again.  When visitors come they can read and learn how the Pt England way is, so next time when they come they already know the Pt England way is about.

The Pt England is to strive to succeed throughout the year even when you go to places out of  school. Our successes is to try hard at work and try and reach our goals at school even at home like homework, no matter what keep trying and you will reach your goals.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Asena Empathy.

WALT: Comprehend concepts related

to mental health and emotional promotion.
What is empathy?
Why is it important to show empathy toward others? It is important to show Empathy because it is also about another persons feelings and emotions.
What does it mean to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”? It means Empathy when you have to put yourself in there shoes and be friends and take care of each other.  We always have to put herself in there shoes.

What does that have to do with empathy? I putting yourself in that person shoes and take care of them, look after one another. Empathy means take care of each other and do the right thing.

What can you do to show empathy toward another person? You can show Empathy toward another person by showing respect to other and do the right thing and always look after each other by showing them how.

Make a popplet or Google drawing a displaying ways that you can reach out to others.

Think of a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. Describe what happened. The time when you make someone feel sad is when we don’t let them play with us or when we bully them.
How did you know you hurt the person’s feelings? I know when I make someone sad is when they ending up crying and when they tell the teacher. I can tell when someone is hurt and really sad that they don’t want to talk to anyone.

How did you feel about the situation? I feel about this siuation is that I might get in trouble from a teacher and a little be scared because I did the wrong thing because I hurts someone feels.
What did you do to make the situation better? By saying sorry to that person and make that person happy and we can play together  and be happy. Is by sorting things out together and talking about what happened.

Discuss how you think your school would change if all of the students showed empathy toward each other. Is the teachers and Mr Burt will be really happy of us because there will be no causing trouble and fighting because everyone will be really good and they can handle there self.

Do you think it would be a big change or a small
change? Why do you think so? It will be a big change because everyone will care for one another and be respect and everyone will co-operation.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Asena Roald Dahls.

Roald Dahls

Anansi and Turtle

Looking at the title and image on the first page, what do you think the story is about? I think its a turtle playing with other animals and they are having fun.

What are some of the features of traditional tales and fables? What makes them different from other stories we read? Its different because some of the stories don’t s start the same but this story that I was reading mostly starts the same.

Where is the story set? You need to identify and look up where this country is.
In the beginning of the story we see that they are telling tales under the moonlight, why are tales often told under moonlight? Is that you can tell stories under the moonlight is because it better and you get more light from the moon and the story is set at Yoruba Tribe.  

We know that this story is ‘retold’ what does the word ‘retold’ mean and can you give an example/ explain further? Retold is the same as retell but retelling is telling someone what happened in the story but retell means that you are telling someone a story over and over again.

What does the word ‘customary’ mean? What is customary in your culture? (Maybe sharing a meal, or giving someone a compliment) The word Customary means something that is commonly encountered practiced, or used. It is also used to described something that is based on tradition rather than law.

Predict what you think will happen next in the story? What will happened next is that sider will share his yams to the people that come over for a special something at spiders house.

What are tricks and how might Anansi trick turtle? They might trick turtle by giving him fake yams to eat and real yams for the customary to eat and turtle might get angry at Anansi for doing that bad idea.


Summarise what has happened in the story - this needs to be in your own words. Is that Anansi grandpa was telling a story to the grandchildren under the moonlight at night time. One day Anansi cooked some yummy yams for turtled to eat because turtle just came back for traveling around the world. When Anansi and turtle was having dinner Anansi saw turtle dirty hands so Anansi told turtle to go and wash his hands at the river and turtle went. As soon turtle came back he saw Anansi eating his yams turtle walked in and start to eat his yams, Anansi looked carefully and saw again that turtle hands are dirty so anansi told to go and wash his hands properly.

Why are they washing their hands? They wash their hands because it needs to be clean at all time before they eat. When do you wash your hands? We always wash your hands when you are going to eat and when your hands a dirty.
What might happen next? Why do you think that? We have to always wash our hands because it has to be clean before we eat.

Tell me about manners and family routines –  We know that in the story Anansi apologises in the first line then tells Turtle off again for having dirty hands. Anansi said sorry to turtle but when Anansi said sorry she saw turtle hands dirty so she told turtle to go wash his hands now this time wash it properly. Manners means respect other by doing the right thing.

“What might happen next?” “Who is the cleverer of the two?” Think about the fact that Turtle has worked out that Anansi knows Turtle’s hands will get dirty. What might Turtle do? Anansi looked at turtle hands and maybe saw turtle  dirty hands and Anansi told turtle to go and wash his hands. Turtle might go and wash his hands at the tap because if Anansi looks it


What does the terms “All the same” mean on the new page? Think about the fact that the writer has begun the new page with “all the same” They started Moonlight all the same because the moon is showing and it dark time thats why they started of with Moonlight.

Have a look at careful language of manners – Turtle thanks Anansi and invites him to dinner. Why do you think Turtle is so polite? Turtle was polite because he can cook his own food instead of Anansi telling him to go and clean his hands over and over again thats why he decided to go and have dinner under the sea so when his hands are dirty he can juat wash it under the water.

Anansi’s eyes “bulged” – discuss what this means and why his eyes would bulge. What does this tell us about the character of Anansi? It tells us that Anansi was looking at turtle hands and it was still dirty and Anansi was thinking did he wash his hands properly but he didn’t so Anansi had to tell turtle to go back and wash his hands. When An

Identify the setting and how it is different from the place Anansi lives. What do think may happen next? Is because turtle lives under the sea and Anansi lives at a house and Turtle is different then Anansi thats why stopped and looked what is she going to do.

Anansi needs food, how will Anansi get down? What will Turtle do? Turtle needs to wash his hands and get a chair to reach to the food because Anansi needs food really quickly. Turtle is way too short to reach to get food for Anansi so Anansi is thinking what is she going to do.

After reading the story who was smarter? Why do you think this? I think Anansi was smarter because she saw turtle hands were dirty so she told turtle to go and wash his hands where  turtle came back his hands were still dirty.

What are the features of traditional tales and how does story fit the familiar patterns, including the ending?


How did Anansi tricked Turtle – “What did he use?” Turtle used the same trick on Anansi? Anansi tricked turtle by telling him that he has dirty hands so turtle can walk to the river and wash his hands while Anansi is eating all his yams finish, While Anansi told turtle that his hands a dirty turtle had to go back to the river and when he finally got back he saw Anansi washing his plate because she ate all his yams all.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Asena Octagons Triangle.

One of our maths tasks today was working on an addition triangle. One of the rules is that you can not write the same two numbers in each row. I have just completed my second  triangle. I am now moving onto more difficult one.

Asena Hexagons tringle.

One of our maths tasks today was working on an addition triangle. One of the rules is that you can not write the same two numbers in each row. I have just completed my first  triangle. I am now moving onto more difficult one.

Asena Recount.

                                                 “ Where were you?
"Yea"!!! me and my cousin Selena were waiting at the bus stop ready to go watch the frozen movie at hoyts. As the bus was going slowey to stop near us I  “screamed”!! loudly at my cousin counting the coin’s, as I told my cousin Selena we don’t have enough money to pay the bus as I said in a “WORRIED”!! voice.

                                        “ Why were you nervous, scared and worried?
As the bus driver open the door me and Selena were looking at each other feeling nervous  because we didn’t know what to do so we told the bus driver that we don’t have enough money so he could go. When the bus driver went we ran quickly as fast as we could and went knocking on my door asking my mum for money and she gave Selena and I $20 each and we were happy so we went back to the bus stop.

                                            “ How you overcame?
I overcame by when we finally got on the bus and went to watch the frozen movie. As we were running as fast as we could to the theatre to see if our movie has started as we got there the movie was just going to start, and we were happy that we made it to watch out movie called the frozen. “IT WAS AMAZING”!!!!!....

                                           “What did you learn about this experience?  
I learned that to remember to count your coin’s before you go anywhere incast you don’t have enough money for your bus fear. When I go somewhere I will always try and check everything before I go somewhere especially if you are busing.

                                           “Who was involved? What happened?
   The people that was involved was my cousin Selena and I, and also my mum because she was the one that gave me and my cousin $20 each for our bus fear. What did happened was that when the bus was stopping slowly right at us I counted the coins while my cousin Selena was standing next to the bus driver, as I said we don’t have enough money I said in a “WORRIED”!!! voice.      THE END.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Asena Goal setting prestation.

This is my goal I have written in my presentation all about my Goal setting of term 1 and I have written all about my goal.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Reading web activity

One of our reading activities today was to create a popplet or word web to increase our range of vocabulary . The word we were given was leisure, I found many words that are synonyms for leisure.