Thursday, 13 February 2014

Asena Recount.

                                                 “ Where were you?
"Yea"!!! me and my cousin Selena were waiting at the bus stop ready to go watch the frozen movie at hoyts. As the bus was going slowey to stop near us I  “screamed”!! loudly at my cousin counting the coin’s, as I told my cousin Selena we don’t have enough money to pay the bus as I said in a “WORRIED”!! voice.

                                        “ Why were you nervous, scared and worried?
As the bus driver open the door me and Selena were looking at each other feeling nervous  because we didn’t know what to do so we told the bus driver that we don’t have enough money so he could go. When the bus driver went we ran quickly as fast as we could and went knocking on my door asking my mum for money and she gave Selena and I $20 each and we were happy so we went back to the bus stop.

                                            “ How you overcame?
I overcame by when we finally got on the bus and went to watch the frozen movie. As we were running as fast as we could to the theatre to see if our movie has started as we got there the movie was just going to start, and we were happy that we made it to watch out movie called the frozen. “IT WAS AMAZING”!!!!!....

                                           “What did you learn about this experience?  
I learned that to remember to count your coin’s before you go anywhere incast you don’t have enough money for your bus fear. When I go somewhere I will always try and check everything before I go somewhere especially if you are busing.

                                           “Who was involved? What happened?
   The people that was involved was my cousin Selena and I, and also my mum because she was the one that gave me and my cousin $20 each for our bus fear. What did happened was that when the bus was stopping slowly right at us I counted the coins while my cousin Selena was standing next to the bus driver, as I said we don’t have enough money I said in a “WORRIED”!!! voice.      THE END.

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