Friday, 28 February 2014

Showing the Pt England Way.

In our school we have lots of  important rules that Teachers, Visitors and kids  can follow and show the Pt England way. One of the Pt England way is that we have to listen carefully and don’t talk while the teacher is talking we always  have to follow these rules all the time. Part of the Pt England way is showing respect it means, that we have to do the right things at all time even when we are out of school or in at school.

At our school  we have  perfects they help us, encourage people and care for  others,  even we have house captain they cheer for kids when they a put down at sport and  nervous to do something new, and also we  have ambassadors that go around places and talk about our school how we do throughout the year which is really amazing.

We show our  way  by showing respect to others by doing the right thing at class and when the teacher tells us something to do we go and do what we been ask to do.  Part of showing respect is Tiaki Taonga it means Our most treasured, Our school, Our people, Our efforts and Our success, It means that we have to care for one another and do the right thing at school that what Tiaki Taonga means to me.

The reason Mr Burt put it up so that when we do the wrong thing we can always look up at it and learn from our mistake, so next time we don’t do again.  When visitors come they can read and learn how the Pt England way is, so next time when they come they already know the Pt England way is about.

The Pt England is to strive to succeed throughout the year even when you go to places out of  school. Our successes is to try hard at work and try and reach our goals at school even at home like homework, no matter what keep trying and you will reach your goals.

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