Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wrting Practice test.

Sam and Simon is there because they are having a birthday party so they decided to go rainbow ends and ride on the really cool and fast roller coaster of all because they have ride on it but they want to do it again because it is really cool and fun out of all of them.

They were there is because they may be having a birthday party or just going there for fun. Sam and simon is looking for a game  because or the other one is really boring for them so they want to find a place that they can have really fun and enjoy it.

The reason they are there so because they can ride the roller coaster because they haven’t ride the roller coaster befor in there life so they wanted to go and try  it, while they were getting ready to hop on they were really scared that they might fall off the roller coaster.

The problem is that while they were riding the cool roller coaster the roller coaster just stopped halfway and Sam and Simon was feeling a little bit scared because it there first time riding a roller coaster. As they were talking to each other Sam said that they might be stuck up here for the one night befor they get down.

It was solved Happily because the manager saw Sam and Simon get stuck up top so he went and called for help and what he did was just go a press the button go and sam and simon was really happy because they thought that they were going to be up high for the rest of the night. They were jumping up and down and they dancing and said that they are not going to ride that roller coaster any more and they were happily together.                                               THE END.

Friday, 25 October 2013

A foal is born.

When a mums horse is going to have a foal and for eleven months it grows bigger and bigger. It born any day said Ryan’s mum one night. The next morning they all woke up and the horse paddock was new foal lying close to Del. It filly said dad she’s just been born can I stroke her asked Ryan It too soon yet said dad.  The foal was covered with something that looked like a white bag.    
The Dad said it is time to go to school now, so when you come back from school you can touch her and talk to her.  Now Ryan’s mum went to touch her so she can get used to touching her.

The next day the vet came to check Dosti and Del, they came and put a stethoscope on and listened to Dosti’s heartbeat. Ryan’s mum said when she grows up she is going to be tall like her.

Monday, 21 October 2013

My friends.

This year I have been hanging around with my friends and they are the best friends "Ever"!! because they always make me laugh all the time when we are around. When we play we always play at the senior playground and they make  funny jokes and then we all laugh. This is my friends that is in my class like AnaJordenneMaoIronSelaJennifer and Hannah you can just click on any name and it will go to their blog. Friends from room 18 is Meleane and Ata

Friday, 18 October 2013

"BEST"! holiday Ever.

The best holiday ever was that I had to go with my friends and the year 5&6 girls rugby team won the Auckland champion ship so we had to go and celebrate bye watching the Auckland and Canterbury game at Eden park.

At Eden park we had lots of fun because I was talking to them like Jordenne, Iron, Hannah and Ana. While we where waiting for the game to start Hannah, Jordenne and I went and got us some hot chips that was really nice that we wanted some more when we finish eating it.

Matching the pictures together.

Yesterday our group called the Taramus did a activity called matching the pictures about the farm. There were so many it was 20 photos and 40 pictures and it was really hard, It was really fun but the reason why we had to do this activity is because this term we are learning about Farming which is really cool.

Docking Farm.

Aunty Mollie pulled the cover off Mikey and me, and it was really early that morning because the the stars was still up that night. They had to wake up and get dressed, and eat toast and got their hats and sack. When they got in the van they all squash at the back with there big Aunty Mollie.

The kids said to there uncle why do you cut the sheep tail and the uncle said because the files will lay eggs. The grownups did most of the jobs and the kids helped a little bit because they wanted to roll down the hills and play games. Yesterday there Aunty baked pies and biscuits and cakes and bread so they can eat after they finish doing the job.

The dogs had already begun working. In the distance and the crests of the hills was like a tide of white. And the sheep was really loud and it was going “Baaaa, baaaaa! “ and the mothers were worried because they lost their lamb. As the clouds rose up the man that delivers chocolate got out and took some photo of the sheep.

The noise was really loud, and they couldn't hear each other speak so they had to screamed loud like a seagull. As they flapped their shirts and slapped our sacks they shouted to the slow one to hurry up, and over all their mothers found their lamb and everyone settled down.

Then it happened. Something you would dream about. A different sound came from the top of the hill and as they looked who it was it was the man that  delivers chocolate his van and his box
full of chocolate all fell down the hill out of the van. Mikey saw the chocolate laying on the grass and she was rolling over and over towards the chocolate.

The man was slipping and sliding down the hill because he was trying to catch his box of chocolate while Mikey was talking to her uncle tama if they can go and help him get his chocolate back and tama was scratching his head thinking if they will go and help him he said and off they went to help him. Under the sun was lots of sprinkled of chocolate they rolled and chased and played and the craziest, maddest docking day ever.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Auckland East

On first week of the holidays I went and watched my brothers game at North shore with my mum friend it was really cool because we got to go and watch every single game. The team the Auckland East was going to vs was North shore, While they were getting ready to start the game me and my friends went and got us some Ice cream.

In the 2nd half the score was 22 to Auckland East and 3 to North shore and the point stop no other team didn’t get any score. when I was standing in the sideline cheering for  my brother I got really broad and cold so I went and sat in the car.

On Saturday was the finals and my brothers team made it in and they vs North shore that same team everybody was watching because it was a big game and some people were quiet until Auckland East got a  try and then the Auckland East fans was really noisy from the start to finish. When it was the last min Auckland East got the last try then the game was finish  people were jumping up and down. The BEST thing in the holidays that the Auckland East team “WON”!!.