Friday, 18 October 2013

Docking Farm.

Aunty Mollie pulled the cover off Mikey and me, and it was really early that morning because the the stars was still up that night. They had to wake up and get dressed, and eat toast and got their hats and sack. When they got in the van they all squash at the back with there big Aunty Mollie.

The kids said to there uncle why do you cut the sheep tail and the uncle said because the files will lay eggs. The grownups did most of the jobs and the kids helped a little bit because they wanted to roll down the hills and play games. Yesterday there Aunty baked pies and biscuits and cakes and bread so they can eat after they finish doing the job.

The dogs had already begun working. In the distance and the crests of the hills was like a tide of white. And the sheep was really loud and it was going “Baaaa, baaaaa! “ and the mothers were worried because they lost their lamb. As the clouds rose up the man that delivers chocolate got out and took some photo of the sheep.

The noise was really loud, and they couldn't hear each other speak so they had to screamed loud like a seagull. As they flapped their shirts and slapped our sacks they shouted to the slow one to hurry up, and over all their mothers found their lamb and everyone settled down.

Then it happened. Something you would dream about. A different sound came from the top of the hill and as they looked who it was it was the man that  delivers chocolate his van and his box
full of chocolate all fell down the hill out of the van. Mikey saw the chocolate laying on the grass and she was rolling over and over towards the chocolate.

The man was slipping and sliding down the hill because he was trying to catch his box of chocolate while Mikey was talking to her uncle tama if they can go and help him get his chocolate back and tama was scratching his head thinking if they will go and help him he said and off they went to help him. Under the sun was lots of sprinkled of chocolate they rolled and chased and played and the craziest, maddest docking day ever.

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