Monday, 14 October 2013

Auckland East

On first week of the holidays I went and watched my brothers game at North shore with my mum friend it was really cool because we got to go and watch every single game. The team the Auckland East was going to vs was North shore, While they were getting ready to start the game me and my friends went and got us some Ice cream.

In the 2nd half the score was 22 to Auckland East and 3 to North shore and the point stop no other team didn’t get any score. when I was standing in the sideline cheering for  my brother I got really broad and cold so I went and sat in the car.

On Saturday was the finals and my brothers team made it in and they vs North shore that same team everybody was watching because it was a big game and some people were quiet until Auckland East got a  try and then the Auckland East fans was really noisy from the start to finish. When it was the last min Auckland East got the last try then the game was finish  people were jumping up and down. The BEST thing in the holidays that the Auckland East team “WON”!!.

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