Wednesday, 27 May 2015

ANZAC Movie.

This term we have been learning about the ANZAC soldiers and WW 1.  In our literacy class, we have been reading different stories about the things that happened during the war. What I found interesting is that they use to Geophones to keep track of their enemies. A geophone is something with an ear piece connected to the geophone. At the end of the geophone their is a disc shape microphone that connects to the ear piece and when you move on disc around you can hear what they are saying or doing.

My writing group decided to write a movie script to show some of the things we learnt about WW 1.  Our movie is about Anzac and how the soldiers went to World War 1 to fight for their country. What I couldn't imagine is the people who starved and the people that were cold and had no place to stay over night.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Future Aspirations

On Wednesday  the yr7&8 block had an opportunity to have two very special guest called Marcus Winter and Gordon Latty, and also a man called Andrew Patterson. Andrew Patterson was the man that introduce them to us. These special guest was really amazing because they gave us some tips and hints about there lives and what they did when they were young and how they became famous.

As Andrew Patterson was getting ready to introduce the first speaker, first of all he showed us some quotes that was important to him. The quote that he really liked was  Keep doing what makes you awesome. When he showed us all of his quotes to us it was now time for Marcus Winter to speak to us.

When Marcus was talking to us about how he became famous, first off all he told everyone to get up and dance with him to the uptown funk song by Bruno Mars. After our dance now Marcus was talking to us how he became famous. When Marcus was talking to us about his life  first he started when he was in primary that when he was little like us he will always be the last in everything like last in writing because he was a really slow writer. Also what Marcus Winter was telling us is that he started off being famous in the streets to becoming more famous when we traveled around the world.

After the 2nd speaker which was Marcus Winter then it was Gordon Latty which was a man that was really interested into basketball. What he was telling us about was that when he was young he dreamed about being a famous basketball player like Michael Jordan.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Anzac Biscuits.

Every Friday after assembly team 5 gather around for Zeal Zone time which was really exciting. Knowing that we were in Mrs Tele'a group which was cooking was really amazing because we were making Anzac Biscuits. I hope during your spare time you can make these Anzac biscuites.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mr Burt Korero.

This afternoon the year 7&8 block had Mr Burt over to talk about Technology in World War 1. The thing that  Mr Burt was talking to us about was the Technology in World War 1 and how was it invented. Also Mr Burt was telling us that his Granddad was part of going to the World War 1 to fight for the country.

Is Technology good or bad? I think that Technology is good because without there Technology in World War 1 they wouldn't have anything to fight with, and they will not be able to travel without Technology like going on a tank.  

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zeal Zone.

This picture shows you all about what we have been doing in Zeal Zone. Mrs Moala gave us a date from the World War 1 to search up what happened on that year. Here are some facts as well as pictures to show you what happened on August 29, 1914.