Monday, 27 August 2012

Asena Olympic movie

This is a movie that shows Adams challenging the lady from Belarus.  This is the sport of shot put.  Valerie adams is representing New Zealand. That valerie found out that she won because the lady from belarus took durgs.

Liu xaing

Before the race I was so nervous because I thought that I might not even win. “Oh man my country is going  to be so mad if I lose"I thought in my head. My country expecting  me to win because I am the world record holder.

I felt embarrassed because I cashed over on the first hudler in front of my country and my familly."Humm I wonder what my country is going to do to me?" I said to myself. My achilles tenders was feeling so painful I could not even walk but hop.

Wanting to leave I was thinking to go out of the stadium.Hopping back to the track I kissed the hurlders because i am going to retire. Family got help from others

Thursday, 23 August 2012

My cross country Run.

As we got ready for cross, we walked down to the Reserve. We got ready to run, when we got ready to run I was nervous when mr Burt said go I ran as hard as I can and I came 1st all the way to the end I said in my head keep going because I was going to stop but I didn't stop.

When I got to some of the hills I was tired and when I got to the mud I just put my feet in  
the mud and my shoes was really mud even inside my shoes and my socks was muddy,
we went past lots of trees and rivers when i was running I can see kinds from point england school stall running to get to the finish line.

When I nearly got to the finish line I can hear people shouting out loud when I got to the part where Miss King was standing she said go and then I went I can do it and when I got  to the
finish line I was really tired and slimy because inside, my shoes was really muddy, My MUM

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The modern pentathlon

  Here is a little presentation that my group and I made together.Hope you enjoy

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Usain Bolt

Waiting, primed for the gun Usain Bolt put his head down and he balanced on the blocks.Do you think he will win?.Ready for glory after years of training.

As a gifted Athlete,Usain focuses on the finish line.Ready to run he heard the crowd representing him.

With joy and celebration,Usain Bolt respect Jamaica.No one is geater then him.He is the world’s greast sprint chapion.Will he return to the olympic in 2016.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Big thank you to Panasonic camera

As we were doing assembly a man called paul from panasonic came.Paul came to give room 13
a video camera that we won for the storyboard because they do panasonic competition every year. A group of people in our class have worked very hard on the storyboard competition.88

We were so happy that we won the camera and I would give a BIG thank you to paul and
panasonic.It was a generous prize to win.
Here is are link to panasonic KWN  (Kid Witness News)-

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Asena Math

This is my equation that I am going to show you in are dirffent way using are I pad.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Cross Country

As Room 13 walked to the courts we sat down on the ground to get ready for Mr Marks to tell
us where are we going to run, Sometimes I don’t feel like doing cross country run  because it makes me tired.

When I run, I see some trees and I can see people running past me to get to the end. Running without my friends is quiet, because when we run together we always laugh and talk. When we go past Miss King she tells us “Keep running!!”so I run as fast as I can. My heart is beating fast to get to the end.

When it is the real Cross Country my goal is to keep on running fast without giving up.As we get to the end I puff and we have to walk around the court until everyone is here so we can stretch.
I hope next time when we have cross country practice it rains because sometimes I just don't like running.