Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pigsso and motice having fun.

Pigasso and  mootice looked like friends because they painted  like are 2 years old Pigasso
is are pig but not like one that goes in the mud and eats so much the pig panties
like mud.

Pigasso and mootice look like the same because they are friends and they panited
like are 2 years old that it was not really good at all.

The characters were pigasso and mootice they were best friend they were
playing and having fun together and they played and played and had fun.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Composition 1v

Composition 4 is a mix of swirling colors soaring lines.

The painting is divided in strongly  with two vertical lines.On the left side of the painting looks like violent motions. because it  has jagged and sharp lines  on the right side of the painting it  is expressed with sweeping forms
cam harmonies.

Dividing lines three red hatted men stand by holding their black  swords by the  the Blue Mountain above a castle.Next to them third white bearded cossack stand by with his purple sord.

Lower on the left two boats are dependent and a rainbow.Above them are two houseback
cossack in battl.In the rigth tow people lie on a hill and 2 pirstes wath by.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Swimming at pools

Swimming time was amazing!!! walking down to the swimming pools was really cool.
Changing our clothes to get ready for our lesson our first lesson was swimming to
the Island with the board to the end.

Something I learnt was rocket arms to the Island and kicking fast as we can and back
to the teacher.learning rocket arms for the first time was really hard to me because
we had to do it slowly.

Learning to breathe is little bit hard because we had a challenge who can breathe under water
for the longest but it was hard for me breathing, is what I am going to practice drawing the lesson.

The thing I liked about swimming is because we do lots of cool things in the pool
but the thing I like about the is the pool is warm and nice.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Going to the swimming pools.

On a cold autumn morning
we all went to the _pool
I do love swimming
and time off from school
Across the long grass
we wandered and walked
The girls at the back
went slowly and talked

Miss King shouted loudly
“Hurry up you  lot
And please remember to say
“I have” Not  “I got
We waited in a line
Just outside of the door
But poor old Bishop
Could wait no more

He picked up his bag
and ran over the road
Again Miss King shouts
“Get back here you toad

Right through the foyer
He ran with great pace
And everyone stared at
the smile on his face

Into the water  he jumped with a splash
A lifeguard was following as quik as a flash

Bishop spluttered and gasped
As he came up for air
Miss King shouted again
“Get over here !”

Kicking and paddling
he struggled to breath
Thank goodness the lifeguard
hadn’t decided to leave

He dragged the boy out
Laying him down on the  ground
Bishop opened his eyes
and looked all  around

Everyone pointed and
Everyone stared
Poor little Bishop felt
terribly  scared

He suddenly knew
he was a giant  fool
For he’d managed to leave
his togs in the pool


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My Melted crayon

Art Alive, is what we are learning this term. It is all about drawing cool things with Miss King.

Our first piece of art that we made used melted crayons. Gluing them on to cardboard in order of hot to cold colours was our first step. Hannah carefully painted a stencil of the word “Learn” onto our canvas.

Melting the crayons was really cool because it was melting so fast that all the different colours were coming at the same times and blending together. The picture looked really cool when we started melting the crayons with a hair drier.

The picture looked like a rainbow when it was finished. Running my hand over it, the picture felt
smooth and bumpy.`

My tissue flower

Painting our backgrounds with blue and green paint, we carefully dipped the brush in to clean water and quickly made it dirty.

As we finished painting our backgrounds we had to  make the flowers and stick into the paper.

Bright petals made with tissues competed my artwork.

While we  painted our flowers with different colours, I waited for it to dry.