Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Number of the week.

For this week for maths we have been learning about numbers that are 100 more or less more. So here is my presentation about what we have been doing during maths.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Multiplication Pyramid.

This Multiplication chart is helping me to solve my timetables. As you can see at my multiplication triangle is that when it gets close to the top the question gets harder and harder. What are we learning this week for maths is to try practice out timetables every single day. 


This is my reading progress to improve my reading I have to do the right thing during reading time and always finish off my work in the right time. For reading this week I have to get my work finish on time and publish on my blog.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My problem solving.

In the middle block for maths what we were learning about was measuring and solving what is a perimeter, Here is my problem that I have been working on during maths. 

Venn Diagram.

a) What the articles were about? This articles is about a technology that is created by Samsonite.
b) What you found most interesting? The part that I found interesting is how Samsonite created a luggage that you can control with your phone.
c) Weather or not you would want a smart suitcase? I would want a suitcase like Samsonite its because instead of carrying your suitcase you can just control it with your own phone.

This is my reading progress.

Currently I am at level orange. My goal is to be a level purple. I have been finishing of my work some of the times. When I am stuck i ask for help. I sometimes write about what I do. What I need help on is finishing of my work properly. What I need to do now is to concentrate on my work and to finish it of properly.