Friday, 14 December 2012

Asena, Jen, Gloria and Mao Christmas Movie

This is our movie that we Asena , jen, Gloria and Mao movie that we made together.


prize giving item from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
At the Prize Giving last night it was really cool because some people like me had a award for SPORT, and 1st, place was Iisa, 2nd, place was Jordenne and  3rd place was Iron, at academic.

My Prize was Netball and rugby because I had being representing my school in these sports with my friends.

Getting my prize for Netball and Rugby I was really scared because there was lots of people sitting on the chair watching the kids that we're getting there  prize. When I got my prize my mum came and gave me a lollie necklace which made me  HAPPY!!!!!!.

When Mr Burt finish talking he said now it time for the yr 5 item, so we went up on to  the stage to perform our dance. Doing our dance with lots of people looking at us was really  freaky because it my first time performing at night time.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Perimeter


perimeter is what you have shapes and you have to tell the answer on the little box and if it not right then you do it again until you get it right.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


What is symmetry? A symmetry has lots of boxs that yo can colour in. Rotational is what you can make it your own self like a tree it really cool playing with it. I hope you like My symmetry.

Monday, 10 December 2012

What has been the best thing about in yr5?

What has been the best thing about being in yr5?

The best thing being are yr5 is making movies  with my friends and sharing doces with them.
At the start of the year I really liked being are yr5 student because we had netbooks that was really cool than writing in a book.
At this point I really like using paper and pen rather than netbooks.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Asena Manaikalani

I am proud to be in the Manaiakalani cluster. I like to share my things around the world and my blogs so I can be famous like the Manaiakalani, Our school trust our parents. Why? The reason Manaiakalani trust us because we take care of our Netbooks. The reason we have Netbooks is we can connect to wireless and learn on it.

The Minister of Education came to our school to tell us all about how famous is our school and about Manaiakalani that which is famous too. The lady that talk to us about how famous Manaiakalani is, her name is Hekia Parata. Thank you Mr Burt and Miss Burt for getting the Netbooks for our school. THANK YOU MANAIAKALANI!!!!! for helping us. I will like to THANK my parent.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Asena 50 words

This video was made by Jordenne, Iron and Sela. Here is a link to Jordenne's

Leaving our school and going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival was really cool because we get to see lots of movies that other classes had made. That was AMAZING!!!.
Watching my friends movie was really amazing. It felt like I wanted to watch it  and again which was really fun.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Asena Athlete day

Last week we had school athlete day that was really fun because the sun was along with us for the whole day which was amazing. There was lots of sport that we can compete in like high jump, running, shot put and also javelin. The group that I was in was in the 10 years old the teacher that was looking after our group was Miss Ouna.

The third sport we went to was high jump, it was really cool but I came nothing in it only my friend Jordenne came 2nd, Porscha came 1st and later came 3rd they are really good at high jump because they all came something Miss King which she is my teacher she was the one doing the high jump mat.

Our next activity was spriting I was really nervous because I might come 2nd when I was standing on the line ready to run I just said to myself, I will try my best. When Mr J said on your marks set BANG!!!! when I heard the BANG go I ran fast as I could to the end when I got there I came 2nd and Ana came 1st. On the 100 metre run I came 1st and on the 75 meter final I came 1st too.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie was walking home, he saw a gold coin and decided to go and buy him a wonka Bar.

He was eating without stopping because he was very hungry that the shopkeeper said “Don’t eat a lot because  you might get a stomach ache.”

Finishing of his 1st bar of chocolate, Charlie said to the shopkeeper, “Can I have another bar for Grandpa Joe?” He went outside and heard the people saying that the fifth golden ticket was a fake. So he went and saw the newspaper for himself.

Charlie was walking slowly to a quiet place where he opened his Grandpa’s chocolate bar. He carefully and slowly opened it and there he saw the golden ticket. Charlie was so happy. As he was holding it up, until a lady came and grabbed Charlie’s hand and said “He’s found it!”

People were surrounding Charlie because they wanted the golden ticket. The people were trying to get it of him but Charlie was just holding it tight it in his hands.

When Charlie got the ticket he ran as fast as he could to tell his Grandpa Joe.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Asena picture 1

Finn is 14 years old. He was meeting his friends at the park but they didn’t come so Finn decided to swing while he was waiting for them to turn up.
While he was swinging he jumped off the swing and hit his leg on the tree as he jumped.

What happened next? Well, Finn fell in front of and the people, they were laughing at him and didn’t go and help him, even when his leg was hurting badly.

After everyone left Finn just lying on the ground,  a friendly kid came and helped Fin get up with his brother Jimmy. They took him home which was lucky, as Finn had twisted his leg.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Standing on the rocks of the beach  I heard a person shouting “HELP!” So I wondered who was it. When I looked carefully, it was a girl drowning. Someone would need to save her. I saw that person and it was a girl in a red T-shirt. Walking towards the girl, we grabbed her out of the sea, got her dried and took her to sit down on the sand.

While my family and I  were swimming at the beach, the little girl was watching the whales swimming around together. I wondered``where her mum was.

The girl’s name was Naomi she was the one that nearly drowned and someone saved her life in the sea. This all happened at Point England beach while her family wasn’t there, only her little brother jack.

Trying to find the little girl Parents, we looked for her family everywhere but we just couldn't  find them. So we took her to our home.

One day we heard someone knocked at our house, it was Naomi’s mum. Naomi came and hugged her mum and they went to their own house and we were happy that Naomi’s mum had found her.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Asena Trick or Treat Halloween

One day me and my brother went trick or treating around the neighbor's houses. My brother was the clown and I was the ninja. Our bucket was full of lollies. Suddenly my brother came and grabbed the bucket, I said “ No it’s both of ours.” My brother said “But I was the one that got the most lollies so they are mine”. So i snathed the bucket of him and punch him and ran as fast as I can.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our Narrative imagination of a flood

Hello my name is Daniel. Well I am 9 years old  and school is over. There has been a flood in Japan,  it is a Huge  flood. This water looked like a swimming pool, but it was cold.

Many children started to come out from their houses and play with me. Seeing my friends coming out to find me I felt so afraid because I had made a bet.  I was so scared that I might lose.

I had to jump because me and my friend had a bet .He told me if we do rock paper scissors, and if I lose then I  have to jump  into that water and do a BOMB as best as I could . Me and  my friend had this challenge because we were checking who can do the biggest BOMB and I  Daniel did not want to do a small bomb.

More kids  came out ready to watch me jump into the water. I did a HUGE BOMB and the water SPLASHED on my friends’ faces.

We loved this flood because we like to play in the  water. But there was a problem, the parents didn’t like this.  This was too hard that our things needed to be moved away from the water. Lucky I didn’t have to help, only my brothers and sisters did.

Monday, 15 October 2012



                       This is the words that room13 thought about how you  discover toys that you can make it your own.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Asena Basketball

Every Thursday we go to the courts and play Basketball, Basketball is so much  fun,   I like playing Basketball because we do some lesson and after that   we then play games.  We  play One on One and we also play  against each other.

Running with the ball around the cones is sometimes hard because we dribble with the ball and go and shoot it into the hoop, If you miss the hoop then the person that didn't get didn’t get it in until they get it in.

Playing some of the games is really cool because we get to run and shoot the ball at the same time.As we run or we stop, per-fit and shoot.  Basketball is really cool.

Farewell Mrs Verry

In our school there was a lady called Mrs Verry. She was a really nice women at our school but then she had to leave our school and retire her job.  What Mr Burt said she is a Queen of bling and she is a Supergran.

On Friday we did a special assembly for Mrs Verry because she was leaving our school.

Mrs Verry was really sad to leave our school and retire because arthritis on her leg
so that why she had to retire.

What happen in the assembly is we did a special thing to Mrs Verry because she was leaving our school and she went to retire and stayed home.Some of the people in our school did a dance to her because she was leaving our school.

The first thing we did was the movie, Junior Pounamu then the saman dance It was really cool watching these things up on the stage.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Asena prize giving

netball prizegiving 2012 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Finishing off our season off netball we went to the netball courts to do our prize giving going to the netball courts there was lots of people there  so they can give out their award to. Going inside the hall what can you all see was just people sitting down on the charis.

Waiting for our school name to call out there was lots of noise all around then when she said we are now up to year 5 teams so she called out, Point England year 5 team 1 so off we went walking to get our award. Going up the stage I was really nervous because people that was sitting on the chairs was watching.

My favorite part was going to the prize giving was when we got our medal it was really cool
because it our first time winning one playing netball during this year.

                                                     It was really fun going prize giving.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Practised re crafting Aldora's paragraph

Today we re-crafting a piece of writing. the first paragraph belongs to Aldora the second is mine.

“On your marks, get set, “Bang” shouted Mr Burt. Off we went trying hard not to bang into each other. I was already muddy. Luckily I didn’t slip like some other girls did at the start line.

“On your marks, get set!’’ Bang! off we went, trying hard not to  bump into each other. Mud was everywhere, all over my face and covering my shoes. Watching my friends fall over, I was laughing very loud!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Asena Olympic movie

This is a movie that shows Adams challenging the lady from Belarus.  This is the sport of shot put.  Valerie adams is representing New Zealand. That valerie found out that she won because the lady from belarus took durgs.

Liu xaing

Before the race I was so nervous because I thought that I might not even win. “Oh man my country is going  to be so mad if I lose"I thought in my head. My country expecting  me to win because I am the world record holder.

I felt embarrassed because I cashed over on the first hudler in front of my country and my familly."Humm I wonder what my country is going to do to me?" I said to myself. My achilles tenders was feeling so painful I could not even walk but hop.

Wanting to leave I was thinking to go out of the stadium.Hopping back to the track I kissed the hurlders because i am going to retire. Family got help from others

Thursday, 23 August 2012

My cross country Run.

As we got ready for cross, we walked down to the Reserve. We got ready to run, when we got ready to run I was nervous when mr Burt said go I ran as hard as I can and I came 1st all the way to the end I said in my head keep going because I was going to stop but I didn't stop.

When I got to some of the hills I was tired and when I got to the mud I just put my feet in  
the mud and my shoes was really mud even inside my shoes and my socks was muddy,
we went past lots of trees and rivers when i was running I can see kinds from point england school stall running to get to the finish line.

When I nearly got to the finish line I can hear people shouting out loud when I got to the part where Miss King was standing she said go and then I went I can do it and when I got  to the
finish line I was really tired and slimy because inside, my shoes was really muddy, My MUM

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The modern pentathlon

  Here is a little presentation that my group and I made together.Hope you enjoy

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Usain Bolt

Waiting, primed for the gun Usain Bolt put his head down and he balanced on the blocks.Do you think he will win?.Ready for glory after years of training.

As a gifted Athlete,Usain focuses on the finish line.Ready to run he heard the crowd representing him.

With joy and celebration,Usain Bolt respect Jamaica.No one is geater then him.He is the world’s greast sprint chapion.Will he return to the olympic in 2016.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Big thank you to Panasonic camera

As we were doing assembly a man called paul from panasonic came.Paul came to give room 13
a video camera that we won for the storyboard because they do panasonic competition every year. A group of people in our class have worked very hard on the storyboard competition.88

We were so happy that we won the camera and I would give a BIG thank you to paul and
panasonic.It was a generous prize to win.
Here is are link to panasonic KWN  (Kid Witness News)-

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Asena Math

This is my equation that I am going to show you in are dirffent way using are I pad.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Cross Country

As Room 13 walked to the courts we sat down on the ground to get ready for Mr Marks to tell
us where are we going to run, Sometimes I don’t feel like doing cross country run  because it makes me tired.

When I run, I see some trees and I can see people running past me to get to the end. Running without my friends is quiet, because when we run together we always laugh and talk. When we go past Miss King she tells us “Keep running!!”so I run as fast as I can. My heart is beating fast to get to the end.

When it is the real Cross Country my goal is to keep on running fast without giving up.As we get to the end I puff and we have to walk around the court until everyone is here so we can stretch.
I hope next time when we have cross country practice it rains because sometimes I just don't like running.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The olympic ceremony.

The Olympic flame started at ancient Olympic games which was in Olympia at Greece. the torch was ignited by the sun, and when the Olympic game is all finished then they put the fire out.

The olympic torch was lit by some women in Olympia. The sun reflects in the mirror and lights the torch.The athletes pass the fire by runner to runner all there  way to the host city.

The lighting of the flame is most very important event at the olympic stadium it keeps the fire
up until the games is finished.

Friday, 29 June 2012


This morning we had to get things off the wall to get ready for the last day of the term. Our walls are actually getting changed over the holidays`
What a messy classroom we had,it was really annoying  because we had to pick up the rubbish of the floor and get things off the wall. 

Getting things of the wall was really hard because we had to do lots of things but it was really cool and fun helping and cleaning the classroom up ready for today.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Asena Thinking hat

                                                                      WHAT DID I ENJOY?

What I enjoyed in term 2 is doing art and learning how to blend the colours together.

The thing that I didn’t enjoy was doing art because we had to do lots of things.


What I learned was blending the colours together with the other colours.

I felt really good because I learnt more of kandinsky art.


My interesting thing was making our art abstract and didn't know what my art looked like.


What I need to work on is to listen to the teacher to find some things about art.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My art gallery

Going inside the hall the first thing I saw was the little kids picture,The picture that I like the best was my brothers one because his favorite place is the playground my brother likes going to the playground because his  friends goes there and they do  jokes and they all laugh.

My brother’s artwork was about the playground and his friends too and they always have fun at the playground and they always laugh when they do jokes around.

Overall the time when we had to come back there where song playing in the hall,and the hall looked like a maze to me because there were lots of our classmate looking around for their piece of art.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Snow Day.

Blanketing the city, the landscape transformed into ice. The snowflakes drifted downward.  As the snow fell down, it settled on treetops.

Skidding and sliding down the hills people were freezing and cold that the schools were shut down. The power  was cut of and the trees were broken down and the road were closed down,
cars were stuck in the snow.

Snow Day from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My artwork

When I was painting my art I kept working hard to finish my artwork.I followed
what Miss king told me I listened to the teacher and I follow instructions.We did
different colours to blend the colours in I did the colours next to each other. While
we had to bold the black lines together, some of us just started painting. I blended the colours with water.
The thing that I did well, was blending my artwork together.What I need to do better is
to not rush while I was working to get it finished in time.I enjoyed painting my artwork
and doing with lots of colours.What I did not enjoy was my art because I did the
colours together.What was hard to get right was to blend the colours in.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pigsso and motice having fun.

Pigasso and  mootice looked like friends because they painted  like are 2 years old Pigasso
is are pig but not like one that goes in the mud and eats so much the pig panties
like mud.

Pigasso and mootice look like the same because they are friends and they panited
like are 2 years old that it was not really good at all.

The characters were pigasso and mootice they were best friend they were
playing and having fun together and they played and played and had fun.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Composition 1v

Composition 4 is a mix of swirling colors soaring lines.

The painting is divided in strongly  with two vertical lines.On the left side of the painting looks like violent motions. because it  has jagged and sharp lines  on the right side of the painting it  is expressed with sweeping forms
cam harmonies.

Dividing lines three red hatted men stand by holding their black  swords by the  the Blue Mountain above a castle.Next to them third white bearded cossack stand by with his purple sord.

Lower on the left two boats are dependent and a rainbow.Above them are two houseback
cossack in battl.In the rigth tow people lie on a hill and 2 pirstes wath by.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Swimming at pools

Swimming time was amazing!!! walking down to the swimming pools was really cool.
Changing our clothes to get ready for our lesson our first lesson was swimming to
the Island with the board to the end.

Something I learnt was rocket arms to the Island and kicking fast as we can and back
to the teacher.learning rocket arms for the first time was really hard to me because
we had to do it slowly.

Learning to breathe is little bit hard because we had a challenge who can breathe under water
for the longest but it was hard for me breathing, is what I am going to practice drawing the lesson.

The thing I liked about swimming is because we do lots of cool things in the pool
but the thing I like about the is the pool is warm and nice.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Going to the swimming pools.

On a cold autumn morning
we all went to the _pool
I do love swimming
and time off from school
Across the long grass
we wandered and walked
The girls at the back
went slowly and talked

Miss King shouted loudly
“Hurry up you  lot
And please remember to say
“I have” Not  “I got
We waited in a line
Just outside of the door
But poor old Bishop
Could wait no more

He picked up his bag
and ran over the road
Again Miss King shouts
“Get back here you toad

Right through the foyer
He ran with great pace
And everyone stared at
the smile on his face

Into the water  he jumped with a splash
A lifeguard was following as quik as a flash

Bishop spluttered and gasped
As he came up for air
Miss King shouted again
“Get over here !”

Kicking and paddling
he struggled to breath
Thank goodness the lifeguard
hadn’t decided to leave

He dragged the boy out
Laying him down on the  ground
Bishop opened his eyes
and looked all  around

Everyone pointed and
Everyone stared
Poor little Bishop felt
terribly  scared

He suddenly knew
he was a giant  fool
For he’d managed to leave
his togs in the pool