Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Standing on the rocks of the beach  I heard a person shouting “HELP!” So I wondered who was it. When I looked carefully, it was a girl drowning. Someone would need to save her. I saw that person and it was a girl in a red T-shirt. Walking towards the girl, we grabbed her out of the sea, got her dried and took her to sit down on the sand.

While my family and I  were swimming at the beach, the little girl was watching the whales swimming around together. I wondered``where her mum was.

The girl’s name was Naomi she was the one that nearly drowned and someone saved her life in the sea. This all happened at Point England beach while her family wasn’t there, only her little brother jack.

Trying to find the little girl Parents, we looked for her family everywhere but we just couldn't  find them. So we took her to our home.

One day we heard someone knocked at our house, it was Naomi’s mum. Naomi came and hugged her mum and they went to their own house and we were happy that Naomi’s mum had found her.

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  1. Hey Asena,

    Wow, I really feel sorry for Naomi. I know it is a made up story but it is just sounds so true by your writing. Lucky her mum found her I will be crying!!

    KEEP IT UP ASENA!!!!!!