Friday, 30 August 2013

Learning to halves and quarters.

This is my photo of my work that I did that is showing to shade halves and quarters. As you can see that the top is shade in to  quarters and the bottom is half. So half of 32 is 16 and one quarter is half of 8.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Grandpa pass away.

On friday it was a sad day for my dad and my whole family because my grandpa witch is my dads dad passed away at 12:00 o'clock at night time. When I woke up my brother told me that my grandpa called Feki  passed away and then I walked really sad to wash my face and brush my teeth  ready for school.

I arrived at school I was really sad because my grandpa who passed away was my favorite grandpa in the whole wide world. The reason he is  my favorite grandpa in the whole wide world is because he always give loves me very much and cares for me and he always tell really funny stories and jokes.

The thing that I know that he “ LOVES”!! all his grandkids really much because he won’t forget our family at all because he knows that  we love him really much. XOXO to my grandpa.

In loving Fonua Family. Rest In Paradise Feki Fonua.

Bible Study.

Yesterday I woke up and went and had a shower and went down stairs and had breakfast my favorite breakfast which is coco pops. When I was eating my breakfast I was rushing because I wanted to be the first one in the shower because my brother takes a long time in the shower.

When I was getting ready to go sunday school I was reading my paper for the test because our  big test is on November which is really not cool because we have to try to get 100% for the test. Our sunday school start at 11:00 o'clock but I didn’t go because I was late so I just stayed and watch tv ready for church at 1:00 o’ clock.

While doing my hair putting on my shoes I looked at the clock and It was 12:30 so I said to my mum we should go by now and she said it still enough time. When we got to church I walked in and sunday school was finished so I just went and sat in the front with my friends talking about what they did at sunday school.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Art maths.

This is my art that my maths group did witch is really cool because I like art.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cylinders maths game.

Hi this is a maths game that my group did witch was really cool because we get to play with our own freinds. The point of the game is that you have to hide your teasure and then your freinds will pick a number and a letter.

Chiefs game.

On Saturday night my whole family was sitting in the living room ready to watch the Chiefs and Brumbies game because it was the Final. While we were waiting for the game to start me and brother made a beat  which team is going to win and I went for Chiefs and my brother went for Brumbies.

When the game started I was jumping up and down saying “Go the Chiefs and my brother said sit down and be quiet because the Brumbies is going to when, and then I sat down. While Brumbies number ten was getting ready to kick the ball to see if he is going to get the goal in I covered my eyes because I didn’t want to see it. When Brumbies got the goal in My brother was jumping up and down and was shouting Go go go you can do this Brumbies.

While I was watching the game me and my brother keeps on talking from the start of the game and the end because we were talking who is going to win. When it was the last minute my brother walked up stairs because he knew that Chiefs were going to “WIN”!!.

The ugly duckling.

It was a nice summer day at Denmark for the most of the days. The country was really ugly but it was beautiful now that the wheat was yellow and the oats were green and the hay was dry and delicious to roll in.

The lady duckling was really proud that she was laying baby eggs, and she laughed at the other mothers. The lady duckling was scared because her eggs wasn’t hatching at all so she was waiting for hours and hours but it still didn’t hatch so she decided to go and teach the other duckling how to swim. When she came back it still didn’t hatch so she went and had a bath.

She keeps on looking at least hundred and fifty times, because the baby  duckling wasn’t hatching at all and she was really not happy because her friends is not going to talk to her at all. After a while the mother duckling heard a crack coming from the left side and then she decided to go and have a look, and then she saw the baby duckling coming out of the egg, After that she didn’t even want to go and see the baby duckling still if she knew that she had left the baby duckling inside the baby duckling would dies and her friends will not speak to her again.

All through the next day she sat on giving up even more morning bath for fear that a blast of cold might strike the big egg. In the evening she thought that she saw a tiny crack on the egg but it wasn’t it was just a really loud noise coming from the other side.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Typing test.

As you can see that this is my highest score in typing test witch is 41 because when I all ways get 30 something in typing test because I was really bad at typing. My friends like Ana, Jordenne, Iron, Meleane, Jennifer and Hannah a really good at typing they a really fast at tying mostly Ana her highest score is 84 I said "WOW".

Monday, 5 August 2013

Brothers Game.

On saturday we went to my brothers game at Dunkirk it was really cool because I really like going and watching my brothers game. The team that they were versing was Superb they are the really best team because they are in the top eight but Marist witch is my brothers game is coming last.

When I was watching the game lots of people were cheering for the team Marist because it was home game for Marist, it was really noisy and also there was lots of people playing at the other side too.

While it was halftime both teams had no point at all, but when it was 2nd half Marist had 5 point and Superb had 20 so I said to my cousin that Marist is losing and she said be quiet I am trying to watch the game.

When it was four more min it was still the same point so Marist did lose after the game they came and did there cheers and everyone was happy.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Taramus Follow up.

Title: The Ugly Duckling.

Author: By Hans.

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses):

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): It was in the pond because it was born there.

What was the problem? The problem was that there was a Duckling that was born but it wasn’t the same as all of them, It had gray feathers and it was small.

What was the solution? That the duckling had trouble when he was born because he was really small.

What was the Moral of the Story? Talk to family about your problems, instead of get rid of it.

My favourite part of the story was? The favourite part was about the duckling getting born because it was really cute and really small.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

How biggest is the sea creature?

This is what my maths group did witch was really cool because we had to see what is the biggest sea creature in the piece of paper. What we learned was that we had to see witch one is the biggest and the tallest.

The Lazy head.

“Hello” My name is Lazy head for a reason, I have short legs,and one day I was minding my own business eating my dinner until the turtle came and called me names like  cabbage head and lazy and  some other things but I did not care.

One day he was leaping around the field and the turtle was watching him the whole time. When the lazy head saw him the turtle told him lets have a race and the lazy head said no because he is the slowest. The turtle said lets go they went and stand in the line three two one “GO”! off they went and the lazy head was in the lead running, as fast they could and the lazy head won the race.

Immersion Assembly.

On friday we had our Immersion assembly which was really cool because the teachers had to dress up into customers. I like it when the teachers have to dress up because it really funny when they perform.

The first team two go up was team one there one was about a Fairy tale, Red riding hood, Nemo and the witch. The witch was really scary because I did not know who it was so i just said to iron who do think it is. When the teachers came all out and Iron said it is Miss Eddie and I said “ohhhhhhhhh then I said oppps I thought it was Miss Wild.

My favorite one was team five because there was really funny because Mr Barks was dressed up as a girl and singing the song called If I was a girl. The teachers were are really good acting because it was making me laugh and Iron she told me that Mr Barks is a really good actor.