Monday, 5 August 2013

Brothers Game.

On saturday we went to my brothers game at Dunkirk it was really cool because I really like going and watching my brothers game. The team that they were versing was Superb they are the really best team because they are in the top eight but Marist witch is my brothers game is coming last.

When I was watching the game lots of people were cheering for the team Marist because it was home game for Marist, it was really noisy and also there was lots of people playing at the other side too.

While it was halftime both teams had no point at all, but when it was 2nd half Marist had 5 point and Superb had 20 so I said to my cousin that Marist is losing and she said be quiet I am trying to watch the game.

When it was four more min it was still the same point so Marist did lose after the game they came and did there cheers and everyone was happy.

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