Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Holidays was Amazing.

In the holidays I went to the movies with my cousin and my little cousin so she can watch that movie the movie was monster’s university. When we got there we went and it was really pack, so me and my cousin went to pak’n save and brought us some food, we brought two packet of chips, chocolate bar, pie and a drink.

When we got there it was still pack so I just told my cousin let just go and wait in the line so we went. We had to wait for a long time to get our popcorn from the ladie. We went up to the women and ordered three small popcorn and then we went inside to watch the movie.

During the movie I keep on eating and drinking because the popcorn and the drink was really “YUMMY”!! that I felt for some more. Watching the movie was really boring because it was a kids movie which was really boring because there was nothing funny about it. My little cousin keeps on laughing for no reason and I keep on covering her mouth so she can be quite.

After the movie we went and ate Mcdonald's it was really nice mostly the chips, when we finish we went and waited for the bus so we can go home. While we were waiting for the bus I said to my cousin that i didn’t like the movie and then she said then why did you come then I said you told me if I wanted to go and said yes.


Friday, 12 July 2013

High light of the Term.

My high light was yesterday because we had our rugby game witch was really cool because we had to get out of class and go to the rugby game. The school we played was Koru school it was "AMAZING"!! even through we lost but we tried our best. It was really sad because my friend Meleane wasn't playing witch was really not good because she always get the trys for our team. The reason it my favourite high light is because I really like rugby because my friends are good at playing too.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Going to "CHURCH"!!

Every sunday I always go to “CHURCH”!!! I really like going to church because I get to sing and go and pray to “GOD”!!. I wake up early and get ready to go to church because my sunday school start at 11:00 to 12:00 sunday school is only one hour, after sunday school then we have to stay for church witch starts at 1:00 clock   When I go to church with my family I am always “HAPPY”!! because I really enjoy going to church with family. I am sometime shia going to church because some time we go when church all ready  start and then I have to walk to the front when all the people are sitting down, when I walk to the front everyone is looking at me when I walk to the front.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hannah's Birthday Party

On Saturday Jordenne, Iron, sela and I got invited to Hannahs sleep over. When we got there we played lots of fun games. The first thing we did was that hannahs dad name us into numbers (1 was Oliva)  ( Sela  2)( Iron 3)  (Me  4) ( Jordenne 5)( Hannah 6) Leila was 7)

When he finish naming our numbers he put it in a bowl so he can pull it out. The first number he pull out was number six  who was Jordenne and seven  was Leila their challenge was who can put the most marshmallow in there mouth 3,2,1 Go they put the marshmallow one by one into there mouth.  When it was 1 second left on he clock so they had to stop and the "WINNER"!! was Jordenne because she had 15 in her mouth and Leila had 8 in her mouth.

We had to go outside to have a rest while hannahs dad did the other game. He called us to come inside for the 2nd challenge he pulled the number three and two witch was Sela and Iron. There challenge was that they had to eat 1 chocolate bar that was left in the freezer for 2 days 4,3,2,1 got they ate and ate and ate but they couldn't brake the chocolate bar because it was to hard. When it was 3 more sec Iron had a little bit and Sela had a big bit and the WINNER was Iron.

After that we had to get ready to go somewhere but they didn't tell us where are we going we keep on asking Hannah where are we going and she said that she can't tell us so we just said are we goign Blowing and she said no. When we nearly got there I said to Hannah's mum are we going blowing and then she said yes so I said see we are going to blowing.

When we got inside we had to go and sit on the chair to get ready to play blowing I like blowing because I went there befor with my family. Getting ready for blowing we were sitting down and looking at the other mens blowing really fast i said to my self they are really good at playing.

I was really happy becasue I was in the lead but then Jordenne was caughting up to me and she had 60 point and I had like only 30 point so I said to Jordenne you are really good at playing. When we were playing we deicide to go Lazer strike becasue we think it really better then blowing.

We went to lazer strike and wait for the man to come and get us to put on the special jacket to wear we were in teams it was Hannah, Jordenne and Leila and it was Me, Sela, Iron and Lama witch was Hannah's dad we played lots of fun games.

When we were going home we went and brought us three DVD movies to watch at home and then we went to by pizza for dinner it was really cool. Then me Sela, Leila and Hannahs mum went to countdown to by some more things for dinner. 

We got home after blowing so we can come and do the 3rd challenge witch was me and Hannah the challenge was that we had to eat four dry weet-bix witch was really yuck because I felt for some water. And when it was times up hannah won because she had nothing in her plate but I had two more left.

After that we had to go and sit down on the chair to get ready to eat dinner it was really cool becasue we ate pizza. The pizza was really nice becasue I really like pizza is "AMAZING"!!!.

We ate Ice cream and cake for dessert It was really nice becasue it was chocolate cake that is my favourite cake witch is nice.