Friday, 23 November 2012

Asena Manaikalani

I am proud to be in the Manaiakalani cluster. I like to share my things around the world and my blogs so I can be famous like the Manaiakalani, Our school trust our parents. Why? The reason Manaiakalani trust us because we take care of our Netbooks. The reason we have Netbooks is we can connect to wireless and learn on it.

The Minister of Education came to our school to tell us all about how famous is our school and about Manaiakalani that which is famous too. The lady that talk to us about how famous Manaiakalani is, her name is Hekia Parata. Thank you Mr Burt and Miss Burt for getting the Netbooks for our school. THANK YOU MANAIAKALANI!!!!! for helping us. I will like to THANK my parent.


  1. Hi Asena,

    It is great to read your blog. I love the way that you can be trusted to take care of your Netbooks. What a responsibility? You obviously take this very seriously. It is wonderful to know that kids like you are learning to care for things they have.

    It is also great to see that you are grateful of those around you who are helping and supporting you. Keep it up!!

    I look forward to coming and visiting and seeing, how you use blogging to learn in the classroom.

    Miss Gillingham

  2. Dear Asena,
    I like your story about the visiting the minister of Education
    it is very cool that you do that.Im very looking forward to your other work. From: Emanuelle in room 14.

  3. Hey Asena I really enjoyed reading your writing. I like sharing my stuff on my blog as well. Can't wait to see your next blog post.

  4. Great work Asena. I like how you have reflected well about what the Manaiakalani project means to you, your family and community. You have done an amazing job this year on your blog. Well done to you, your wonderful class and very clever teacher.