Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Asena Athlete day

Last week we had school athlete day that was really fun because the sun was along with us for the whole day which was amazing. There was lots of sport that we can compete in like high jump, running, shot put and also javelin. The group that I was in was in the 10 years old the teacher that was looking after our group was Miss Ouna.

The third sport we went to was high jump, it was really cool but I came nothing in it only my friend Jordenne came 2nd, Porscha came 1st and later came 3rd they are really good at high jump because they all came something Miss King which she is my teacher she was the one doing the high jump mat.

Our next activity was spriting I was really nervous because I might come 2nd when I was standing on the line ready to run I just said to myself, I will try my best. When Mr J said on your marks set BANG!!!! when I heard the BANG go I ran fast as I could to the end when I got there I came 2nd and Ana came 1st. On the 100 metre run I came 1st and on the 75 meter final I came 1st too.

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