Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My artwork

When I was painting my art I kept working hard to finish my artwork.I followed
what Miss king told me I listened to the teacher and I follow instructions.We did
different colours to blend the colours in I did the colours next to each other. While
we had to bold the black lines together, some of us just started painting. I blended the colours with water.
The thing that I did well, was blending my artwork together.What I need to do better is
to not rush while I was working to get it finished in time.I enjoyed painting my artwork
and doing with lots of colours.What I did not enjoy was my art because I did the
colours together.What was hard to get right was to blend the colours in.


  1. Hi, my name is Marie and I do agree with you about not rushing. You should not rush when you are doing any type of work. I do think you art is beautiful. I know if you keep doing great art you will become a famous artist.

  2. WOW Asena that is some great dawning you look like you are a artist if you keep on dawning like that you become famous and you should not rush because know one will like you work because you rush it