Wednesday, 27 May 2015

ANZAC Movie.

This term we have been learning about the ANZAC soldiers and WW 1.  In our literacy class, we have been reading different stories about the things that happened during the war. What I found interesting is that they use to Geophones to keep track of their enemies. A geophone is something with an ear piece connected to the geophone. At the end of the geophone their is a disc shape microphone that connects to the ear piece and when you move on disc around you can hear what they are saying or doing.

My writing group decided to write a movie script to show some of the things we learnt about WW 1.  Our movie is about Anzac and how the soldiers went to World War 1 to fight for their country. What I couldn't imagine is the people who starved and the people that were cold and had no place to stay over night.

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  1. Asena, your group did a nice job with your movie! However, I would love to see you include some more information in your blog write up. Could you please tell your readers what happens during your movie?