Monday, 25 May 2015

Future Aspirations

On Wednesday  the yr7&8 block had an opportunity to have two very special guest called Marcus Winter and Gordon Latty, and also a man called Andrew Patterson. Andrew Patterson was the man that introduce them to us. These special guest was really amazing because they gave us some tips and hints about there lives and what they did when they were young and how they became famous.

As Andrew Patterson was getting ready to introduce the first speaker, first of all he showed us some quotes that was important to him. The quote that he really liked was  Keep doing what makes you awesome. When he showed us all of his quotes to us it was now time for Marcus Winter to speak to us.

When Marcus was talking to us about how he became famous, first off all he told everyone to get up and dance with him to the uptown funk song by Bruno Mars. After our dance now Marcus was talking to us how he became famous. When Marcus was talking to us about his life  first he started when he was in primary that when he was little like us he will always be the last in everything like last in writing because he was a really slow writer. Also what Marcus Winter was telling us is that he started off being famous in the streets to becoming more famous when we traveled around the world.

After the 2nd speaker which was Marcus Winter then it was Gordon Latty which was a man that was really interested into basketball. What he was telling us about was that when he was young he dreamed about being a famous basketball player like Michael Jordan.

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  1. Hi Asena I'm glad you enjoyed the guest speakers. What were some of your favourite hints and tips that they gave.