Thursday, 5 November 2015

Writing Test.

Waking up in fear knowing that today is the  yr7&8 mix tournament,  I was very nervous that I wanted the tournament to be over and done with. Getting ready and dressed up for school made more pressure on me , I felt like I had butterflies all around my body .

As I got to school I heard the 8:30 bell rang,  I quickly ran to the hall ready to go. Lining up in our team line ready to go, I could hear the yr 5&6s talking about how excited they were  to play against the other teams. Hearing the yr 5&6s talking about how excited they are just to get on the field and play made my butterflies slowly go away.

When we got to Dunkirk all the other schools were setting up there tents ready to go for this big day. As soon as we got to the fields everyone had to gather there things into one pile so that we could put the tent up. While everyone was helping out with the tents, Katalina and I had to go and help out with the sausages because our school had to fundraise some money.

After Katalina and I finish helping out with the sausages, all the teams gathered around the tents so our coaches can tell us when and who are we playing against. When we finish our little meeting all the teams had to go with there coaches and warm up ready for the first game.  Walking with my team and our coach Tyson to our field to warm up, I was scared and nervous that I might drop the ball.

As the hooter went Tyson told us who's the starting seven. Walking onto the field was very scarey because people were watching. Our first game was against Tamaki Primary they were very hard, but at the end we scored a lot of tries against them. Playing my first games of touch against boys and girls was a bit challenging because the boys were very fast to touch . Winning our first game was a very exciting news for me and my team.

Winning all our games against the schools was very exciting. The last game was the finals where we had to play against Glen Taylor. Playing against Glen Taylor was the hardest game in the tournament because they had some very good players and very good steppers. Scoring the first try against Glen taylor in the finals was very happy moment for me.

My highlight for the was coming 1st against  Glen Taylor, and also playing against other schools and meeting new people.

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