Friday, 18 September 2015

My Logo Introducation.

Designing a personal logo has many steps.  One of the steps is to research on Google what will be drawn. A personal logo is something created that represents a person and their culture.  

A logo design starts off by creating your own brainstorm that  includes many ideas that you're going to put onto the logo. Try putting things that people don't know about you, and things that represents yourself.

To design a logo the first step was to create our own presentation that describes ourselves . For the presentation you had to put as many ideas on it for you to create your design. After you have finish putting all ideas onto the presentation then you start planning what you going to draw.

Drawing an ogo design was very tricky because we had to draw a thumbnail concept. For people that don’t know what a thumbnail concept  it means drawing your ideas the same size as your thumb.

Overall I am proud of how my logo turned out. I think I did really good because I added lots of details to my logo, I've added some drawings that represents myself which was a tongan flag. I really enjoyed this task because I got to create my own personal logo that represents my culture and myself.


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  2. Excellent job with your explanation Asena! I can't wait to see your WeVideo talking about these steps and showing your personal examples.