Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country.

Waiting on the courtyard waiting for Mr Burt to say it's time for the year 8 girls to start there cross country run, made me very nervous and scared. Walking towards the line ready to start I felt really nervous that I almost cried because all I was thinking of was coming last in the run.

Before we started running Mr Burt gathered us girls in a circle to tell us just to try our best  and not give up. While he was talking I was shaking with butterflies flying around my stomach which shows that I was really nervous. When Mr Burt said girls line up my heart was beating really fast that I felt like getting the race over and done with.

“On your mark, get set," BANG! as the wood clapper went running towards the front. While I was running my confidence began to  grow that my butterflies was starting to go away. Running around the muddy parts was a big  mission for us because it was very slippery that I almost fell, but lucky I was holding onto some of the girls.

When I was running all I was thinking about was making it past the finish line. As I was running my legs was burning really bad that I wanted to stop, but I just kept on running to the finish line. As soon I reached the school gates I felt very happy because I heard people shouting go asena go looking up towards the field. Running past the park was very scarey because people was looking at me while I was running, but also I was happy because I made it past the finish line.

Overall I was very proud of myself because I came 3rd and I tried my very best at the cross country run.

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  1. Nice job Asena! I really like the way you gave a personal reflection at the end, and used Onomatopoeia in your writing! Great job in the race as well! 3rd place is awesome!