Monday, 24 March 2014

The Malaysian Airlines - News paper report

Malaysian Airlines Vanished.

Writer’s name: Asena

A Malaysian Airlines flight has vanished from radar screens with 239 people on board and has still not been found. It disappeared on Saturday less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, the plane was bound to Beijing. Two New Zealanders were on board this plane, Planes and ships from across Asia are hunting for the missing plane. The thing that is worrying other people in the country is how two members got into the flight buy stolen passports.

At this reason for disappearing is unknown. The weather was definitely fine, that the plane was going in a fast speed and didn’t send a distress signal. This plane didn’t have enough foil to be flying this long, it only takes 7 hours just to get to Beijing.  

I was wondering how did this plane disappear is it because it didn’t follow the  right direction. People who had families or friends  that was on board is really disappointed because there love ones are on this plane and they are really upset. Watching the news one lady was crying because her son was one of them that was on board on the Malaysian airlines she was crying so loud that the security couldn't be able to hold her because she was moving around and crying because she really misses her son.  

People in the world are saying maybe the pilot was the one that made the plane disappear by purpose so families can be really upset. Do they know the pilot really well or not. I really hate this pilot because there were 7 children on this plane and they wanted to visit Beijing because lots of there families were there and they wanted to see them.

Hopefully they will find the plane one day and hope the people that was in the plane is still alive even the kids and babes that was on board. One day I wish that they will be back with there family and be safe together as the go, and as I pray I pray that one day or maybe today they can find the missing plane that everyone will be safe and sound.

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