Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wednesday Work.


Who was going to pick mum up in the morning? Where is mum going? Dad and jade went and picked up mum from the airport to come back and see her husband and her daughter jade. Mum was going back to work at Afghanistan that is her job and her job is a army.

Looking at the expression on Jade  face as her mother packs how do you think she feels? Why? The reason Jade face was feeling sad because her mum was leaving to Afghanistan for job as a army. Jade was feeling sad because she is scared that her mum might get killed for the army but her mum said no one hasn't been killed yet.

Why was Jade avoiding the hallway area that creaked when walking to mum and dads room? Jade was avoiding mum and dad room because she didn’t want to hear them talk about how jade mum was leaving because she was feeling sad because her mum just came for a few days to see her family and then go back to work.

What had Jade hidden? Jade has hidden her mums beret because she wanted something to remind about her leaving for two years. For what reason do you think she hid this? The reason jade has hid this because she want to remember of her mums smells because she won’t smell or see her mum for two years.

What happened when mum woke up and could not find her beret? She couldn't find her beret because jade took it and was hiding it because every time she looks at it she can remember her mum smells.

What is mum doing for work, what is she building, why do you think she is building this? What mum is building is a school for the kids Afghanistan so they can go to school and learn because there is no school at afghanistan.

Why was dad’s throat moving as if he couldn’t talk? Dad throat couldn't move because he was about to cry looking at her wife leaving for her job as a army.  How do you think Jade and her father feel about mum leaving? Jade and her father is feeling sad about how her mum is leaving because she might get killed and they wouldn't be able to know if she is dead or not.

It’s a hard life for families who are separated due to working overseas and in dangerous places.
Write a letter to a family member who lives and works overseas (if you do not have a family member overseas pretend that you do)

Your letter must include the following:

  • Where abouts they live and work.
  • You need to ask them questions or write a bit of a conversation.
  • You need to include what you are doing, and fill that relative or friend in about your life.
  • Perhaps you could include how you feel about them being away from you.

Hi Jade  the reason I am writing this letter to you  is because I really miss you and I will just like to say to keep safe and  happy really miss you because we don't get to see you  every day. I will like to say are you  alright staying all by yourself,  what have you been up to for the year? And also I will like to say that I really MISS You. I like to ask you are question is it  cold where you live or it is cold because of the snow and I hope your have a lovely day and year keep safe and happy with your friends.  I like to ask you lots of question like how is your work doing? and where about you live? What I am doing is that I am still at school but at the same time I feel happy and unhappy, and also I have friends at school who really comfort me when I a sad and they are really nice. I feel really sad that your live  far away from where I stay. From Asena.

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