Thursday, 13 March 2014


Intro: Empathy

People can show Empathy by caring for one another and looking out for one another and always been there for them when they are in trouble or when they  are stuck on something, and also putting yourself in other people shoes and your shoes.

The reason people has to follow empathy is because there will not be in trouble at all, if people just do the right thing and don’t get into trouble at all by putting themselves in their shoes and take care of what you say and do.

People show Empathy at the playground by if someone falls or someone pushes them I will do the right thing and go and help them up. Part of showing Empathy if your friend is stuck on something during class you will always tell them if they need help or you will just go and help them finish their work.

How I show Empathy is by if someone is feeling lonely or feeling sad because someone might hurt them I will go and sit next to them and try and make them feel happy. If someone is left alone out on a game what I will do is I will encourage that person to play with me. My last thing about Empathy is if the person is new to this school I will make sure that they feel welcome at our school and try to know them better.

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