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Triathlete Sam.

S.J Story Library
Triathlete Sam
By Ailsa Newton
Answer the following questions in red:
Are the following statements true or false - you need to give evidence from the text to support your answer.

Sam joined the running team when he started university. True

The world championships were in Cancun. True
Triathlons consist of swimming, cycling and long jump. False
The day before the race Sam injured his big toe.  False
Sam found reading and writing difficult at school. False
A wetsuit is a cotton suit for wearing in the rain. False

What do the Greek words tri………………………and athlon………………… mean. Is that Tri means Three and (Athlon) means contest.
(2) Name the 4 things that make a good athlete (pg 14). Now explain
what each word/term means. Use a dictionary/thesaurus for help
1) The same as for any other athlete.
2) Motivation means inspiration.
3) Dedication it means faithful like loving.
4) Commitment and a desire to win.

The underlined words in the following text are either nouns or verbs. Verbs are doing words, Nouns are naming words like things, people, and places. Write each underlined word/s down and next to them put what they are. For example Sam –noun. Is that all of these words underline a doing words.  
First, Sam and his supporters take his race bike, helmet, cycling shoes, and running shoes to the rack in the transition area. He then pumps up the bike tyres and shakes talc into his shoes so they’ll be easier to put on later

What makes a triathlete? The things that makes a triathlete is good body, strength and good at co-operating and your body gets lots of power and it will make you fitter. And they always want to stop the brain is saying do not stop. Think about this question in regards to their personality, their mind frame, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

Create:Screenshot 2014-08-04 at 10.45.36 AM.png
What you ‘picture or vision’ a triathlete to look like in your mind.
State why this look this particular way.
What they are wearing this.
Why are they wearing these particular clothes.
They may be or look muscular or lean - why do they look this way.

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