Friday, 15 August 2014


My sport is Basketball, I have chosen this sport is because I want to be a professional Basketball player one day because I find Basketball really interesting. Basketball is  kind of a simple game to play because its a really swift game and its difficult to learn. The reason I want to be a professional Basketball player is because I always watch Basketball and I wish that I can be like one of those professional Basketball players.

I know that Basketball is a really famous game in America, but not just in America but also around other countries. Basketball is a fun game that everyone will love to play and also enjoy because Basketball is the most fun game that I have ever played before and its really awesome.

Basketball was first played in Springfield at 1991, and the first game of Basketball was first  played at a school called  Springfield college. The person that invented Basketball was a man called James Naismith, James Naismith is a really famous person because he was the one that invented Basketball.

The rule for Basketball is similar to Netball, the rule for Basketball is that you are not allow to double dribble the ball that means you can’t run and then bounce the ball you have to either bounce the ball or pass it or if you are close to the shooter and can have a chance of shooting the ball. Also you can’t travel the ball it  means you can’t run with the ball all the way to the end of the court because that means you are travelling. The other rule is that you are allow to stand close to your partner and defend but you can’t hit them or try to contact with them or else you have to stand down.

The passion about shooting is that you are allow to shoot anywhere in the circle even outside of the circle. The thing about shooting in Basketball is that if you stand outside of the circle and you get it in you get three point for you team which is not the same as Netball. Shooting the ball at Basketball is really fun to watch because seeing the Basketball people shooting three pointer is really amazing.

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