Monday, 25 August 2014

Life Education Trust.!!!

For the last past three weeks Class 3 has been going to the Life Education caravan and has been learning about making good choices about our lives.. The life Education is learning about drugs and also making the right decision and have a good life to not follow others and also don’t listen to what other people say.

What we have learnt at the Life Education was about drugs, drugs is a really bad alcohol that destroy peoples body and that students in age 15 are also using alcohol which is really unsafe. Drugs can  and also damage peoples lungs and they can die from it like a Kings college boy died after drinking at his friend's Party. The lady called Lynn told us that we should always follow the right pathway because if you don’t your life will be a miss and you won’t wanna be the person you would like to be.

Lynn taught us that  kids our age are already drinking, smoking and going out partying but not focusing on school. Some peoples life a distracted by Drugs and alcohol because other people is following it when there friends are doing it. Some people take drugs just because they are playing sports and they need energy like people at the Commonwealth game was found that people was taking drugs.

The drug is not good  because you can damage your brain and you won’t think properly and also you won’t feel good. Your brain will also not work properly because too much drugs is in you body so it won’t work well how it always works, your brain is the most important of body because it control you and it also helps you think. Your brain can work really slow and you can die so you brain needs to keep on working so you can not die or sometimes drugs and just make you die when you use it to much.

Lynn also told us that making the right decisions is good because if you make bad choices you life will not take you anywhere because how you made the wrong chances. If you make the right choices you will have a better life and also don’t follow your friends because you should always make you own choices. If you friends are doing the wrong thing you don’t follow them you make your own choices because if you follow your friends your life will be a mess.

We learnt very good lessons there because it teaches us how to take care of ourselves when we need help and it also helps us throughout long lives as we are living I also learnt that taking drugs can lead to death because its not healthy for your body it also can damage the brain selles.

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