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WALT: Identify the key ideas within the text

The text, has been retold but Sue Gibbison, however it is based on someone elses version. What do we know about stories that are retold? A story is that its retold is maybe like a myth that was passed on for generation. What is another name of them? Is that it can be passed on to anyone in the world and they can retell it to there family and there family can also pass it go to generation to generation.

Give an example of a folk story that you know. Is that its a mario story. What is the main idea and event of that story. See if you can research and find the history of that story? Is that the story is about someone rescuing his wife from a huge wind because maybe a huge wind took the wife somewhere where he couldn't find her at all.

Identify all words within the text that you are unsure of and research to find the meanings of them. What does Hokioi mean? It means is that its pronounced spelt in the North Island so its Spelt.

Using this Venn Diagram - display the differences between a myth legend and a factual story. Is a Myth is a fake story and a Factual is kind of like a  real story so thats what it is . Thats what Myth and factual mean.

For what reason had put a spell on the forest? So he can burn the forest so Rahi can’t see and so other people that knows Rahi and Tiara can’t go to recuse Tiara so the big bird burnt  the forest so he can’t see anything. - what is this a common case of? The common case of is that Rahi is trying to save his wife from the big Manu Tangata blew Tiara somewhere that they don’t know where she is.

Why had the god of wind sent a breeze that lifted Rahi? So Rahi can find his wife and so the wind can lift Rahi up to the sky so Rahi can easily find his wife because the huge wind took Tiara somewhere so Rahi can’t find him so thats why someone lifted the big breeze up in the sky so Rahi can find his wife.

Who helped Rahi he he was dehydrated and exhausted? For what reason do you think this character helped Rahi? Is because they know each other and the other person wants to help rahi because they are friends and they care for each other and also they help each other together.

Who trapped Rahi, how did Rahi escape? The person that trapped Rahi was the mean big Lizard trapped him because he hates Rahi. Rahi escape because he used his big wings and flapped them so he can try to get out and he did.

Is this story realistic?  Why/ why not? No because in the picture of the book is that someone was drawing the picture and they may be made up the story and thought its real but I think its not realistic.

Select a character from the text, you need to include the following information about this character: their name, description, age, likes, dislikes, personality and why you selected this character. Rahi is the name of my character that I chose in this book and he is 32 years old the reason I like him as a character is because he is strong and he helps other people when they are stuck and the reason I have selected this character is because he is the main person in the book so thats why I have chosen him.

You need to then draw a portrait of this character.
Screenshot 2014-08-07 at 10.12.08 AM.png

Retell the main events in the text: Is that Rahi is a big massive bird thats is strong and the a big lizard comes and trappe him because he is the best and strong and after when the lizard went Rahi tryed and tryed to get him out and he did because he used his big two wings and tried to get out and he did.

Where had Rahi and his people found Tiara? After Rahi got out of the gate Rahi found his way back home and gathered his tribe to help him search for Tiara. At last they found the volcano where Ti Ara was hidden inside the volcano.

What had they done once they had found her? Is that they blocked the volcano so know one doesn’t go and hide there anymore because someone might go and get trapped in there again like Tiara. For what reason do you think they did this? The reason they did this is because maybe they didn’t want Rahi to marry Tiara and because they maybe wants to kill Tiara because thats what I think.

What does Ki represent in Ki-O-Rahi? It represents something in Maori like something about Rahi it might also represent in Maori.

What does Rahi represent in Ki-O-Rahi? Rahi represents something in Maori and its a name thats in a story. Rahi is also an important name that most Maori’s use like in the story.

Once your main events have been stated you need to write 10 questions, that require a true or false answer.
1)  Is Rahi a bird or a person?
2) Did find Tiara the wife?
3) Was rahi tried?
4) Did Rahi find any food for himself?
5) Did Rahi get any food or drink when he wanted it?
6) Why was Rahi angry?
7) How did Rahi find Tiara?
8) Why was Rahi so mad when Tiara was gone?
9) Was Rahi good or Bad?
10) Was Rahi able to find Tiara?

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