Monday, 11 November 2013


Last Friday it was the school Athletics on our school field it was really cool because we got to do lots of sport like High Jump, Shot put, Triple jump, 75m 100m sprint, Javilen, soft ball throw and disscus it was really fun because we got to go with our freinds.

The first activity we did was Shot put it was really hard because the shot put was really heavy to hold and I keep throwing it not pushing it. My friend Meleane came 1st, Mua came 2nd and Jordenne came 3rd that was shot out and it was cool to watch.

After shot put we went to high jump it was really bad because I hate high is because I am really not that good at high jump only my freinds are. When I was ready to jump I was telling jennifer to come to the front because I was scared that I might miss it as I ran I made it so I had to sit in the middle.

                                                            To be continued....

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