Monday, 26 May 2014

The science Roadshow.

On thursday the 22nd class 1 class 4 and also my class we all walked down to Tamaki College for the science road show. As we were walking down I was hanging around with my friends and just talking about what do we think its going to be inside.

When we walked inside I saw all these cool amazing science things that I haven’t seen before because It was just cool. As we walked in there was some Tamaki College student that was already experiencing the science road show.

As I sat down ready for the experience I was really excited because I really like exploring new things like science. Watching all the things that they have done for us was really cool but the one that I really liked was when all of us had to block our ears before they will pop the balloon because it was really loud.

When it was our turn to go and have a little bit of experience I straight ran to the one where you can put you name and laminate I thought that one was the best one even the panion I thought that one was really cool. After the roadshow we all walked back to school.

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