Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Plastic Bags.

Plastic Bags by Andre Ngapo, School Journal Part 3. Number 1 2011

WALT: Show our comprehension of the text by identifying the key occurrences.

Success Criteria: I can identify the key occurrences in the text.

Referring to the image on the first page what does the expression on the boys face tell us? I think the first page is all about plastic bags I think its about and plastic bag blowing up top on the air and I think they are trying to get it so they can put something inside it.
What do you think might happen to him in the story? The thing might happened to him is that he is going to follow the plastic bag wherever it goes because I think the plastic bag is special for him.

What do you think the title has to do with the story? The title does got to do something with the story because in the story it looks really windy I think the wind blew the plastic bag away.

Why does Miss Anderson think Trent has been mucking about? Miss Anderson think that trent was mucking around because every time she looks at trent he is always laughing because his friend jason was telling funny jokes to him and he couldn't stop laughing.

Why do you think he was dizzy as he went out of the classroom? The reason trent was feeling dizzy because when he was walking out of the classroom he slipped on someone’s jacket because it was lying on the floor.

What were the differences between Huia and Trent’s bags and Jason’s? Is that jason bag was better than Huia and Trent one because Huia and Trent bag was plastic bag and when they saw Jason bag it was with Sandwich. What do you think about the reason for the differences? Is that there bags are different two with plastic bag and one thats with a new bag which is jason one that has a new bag and Huia and Trent has plastic bags.

What did Trent expect to happen when he went to the principal’s office? He expect that miss Anderson will give him a warning and let him back in class and he will never muck around ever again.

How do you think Trent felt when he found out the real reason for going to the principal’s office? When trent went to the principal’s office he knew the real reason because the principal wanted to tell him that he has to go to a maths competition and compete the whole school.

How do you think Trent felt at the end of the story, why? He felt happy because when he walked to his bag and took it off the hook it was heavy and when he looked inside it was jason sandwiches and he halved it with Huia and Trent was really happy after all.

Have you ever been really hungry? I will always feel hungry because I will always eat my lunch and morning tea in the morning. How did it make you feel? It will make me feel sad because people is eating there lunch and I will be just running around feeling hungry.

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