Monday, 26 May 2014


Your introduction will begin here:
Echolocation is a special noise  that bats use at times because they really can hear really well because they have big ears as the same size of there head.  One thing they are really good at listening and able to pick up things really  quiet because how they have there big massive ears. Bats can find there way by listening to the sound and then following it.

Your body will begin here:
Bats are the best example of Echolocation because bats often uses echolocation. Animals communicate with other animals like whales sing a song, Wolf howls, frog croaks, bird chips even the waggle dance, thats how animals communicate with lots of animals. When animals communicate with other animals its like they are talking to each other but sometimes animals make a  sound signal , that they understand with each other but when animals communicate it looks like they are talking to each other but thats just the way it is for animals. Animals have a really interesting sound they always make like echolocation it is are really interesting sound that most of the animals always make to communicate with other animals  even with people.

Your conclusion will begin here:
If you try yelling inside the cave you will not be able to hear your self echoing, When you echo it vibrates back to you like something bouncing back to you like yelling at the wall your sound will bounce back to you and come through your ear drum, and goes to my brain and the my brain work what that sound is.

If bats didn’t have echolocation they wouldn't be able to do anything because echolocation helps them hear because there eyes is really bad at seeing at night so they use echolocation so they know where they are going.

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