Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Name: Asena & Janise)

Title of experiment:

(What do we want to find out?)
We want to find out if that we can hear our buddy by saying something to each other on the cup and find out if we can hear them really loud. So that what we have to find out together with our buddy.  

Hypothesis:  (what do you think will happen?)
Is that some of them won’t be that loud but me and my buddy will try to see if all of it will work really well so that we can hear each other really loud or else we will just shout at each other.

How will we find out?
(Step by step)
The step by step is that first we made a small hole on the cup and then put the small string inside the sup and test it if we can hear each other loud and we did. The 2nd step is to make the hole even bigger so the biggest string can fit inside and then we try it out when we tried all of the strings it was really cool because we were able to hear each other really loud.  


What actually
Well what actually happened was the skinny string was working because the vibration was going straight through but you could not see it, even though the string is skinny you could still hear. The only problem is, is that if your string is not straight it will not work.
Suddenly when you hear the medium sized one it actually works really well so as the tiny string and what we think is that the big string is not so great because it is wavy you can not hear so great.

What did we learn?
We learn’t that we have to always make our string tight is we can hear each other and make sure that we don’t make a big hole before it doesn't work.

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