Monday, 19 May 2014

Sounds Explanation.

Explanation template:

For inquiry this term is about sound and its going to tell you hopefully all about sound
. Every sound that you hear it transfers from your brain. Some sounds that you make vibrates  like if u were in a  big room by  yourself and yelled it would make an echo. Vibration hit’s your eardrums then travel through your brain and transfers and it would be a knowable sound Vibration means that your eardrums move quickly.

Everyone has different sounds like high pitch and low pitch all our voices are different and not  everyone hears the something things. It will involve our process because the  different sounds and comes in our brains. Sounds does not always travel through air the same because there are different kind of air like dry air cool and really hot air even cold air but sound  travel through dry air more quickly than the others.
If the world didn’t have sound it wouldn't matter because we would know how to do sign language  
heaps of other thing. But sound is a really good thing for us it helps us help people and learn them what to do and it would be boring because it would be quiet. People in the world will get to met other people or get to talk to there family because everything will be really quiet and hard.

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