Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Mult/Div consolidation


1. George was driving to Rotorua from Auckland. Rotorua is 344 kms away from Auckland and he had to do the trip three times a week for work. Assuming there are 4 weeks in a month. How many kms did he drive in total in 1 month? 4128

2. Janine had 12 jar of jelly beans each with with 273 jelly beans inside. How many jelly beans did she have in total? 12 x 273=3276.

3. The temperature on Venus is 173 degrees celsius. However the sun is 15 x that temperature. How hot is the sun?  2595

4. Jake had $750 to go shopping for his birthday. He shared his birthday money with 2 of his friends, how much money did each of them get? $200

5. Mike had 300mls of milk in his carton. He drank this amount of milk 4 times a week. How much milk does Mike drink in one week? 24 miles
What about two weeks? 2400 miles
A month? 4800 miles
One year? 52800 miles

6. Jane brought a pair of shoes every 2 months. How many pairs of shoes did she have after one year? 6 pair.
7. How many pairs did she have after 10 years? 60

9. The class table was 400cm. The table was shared between 8 students. How many cm of the table did each student have to use? 50c each

10. Michael knew that to qualify for the running championships he would need to beat 11.7 seconds to run 100 meters.
Michael ran everyday for one year. How many meters did he run in total?
What about only six months? 36, 500

11. Jane knew that he parents would deposit $1 per day in to her bank account. How much money was in her account after 5 years? 1825
What about 10 years?1650

This is my maths work that I have done all by myself and this part of our work for this week and we all had to complete it which is really cool because it is helping me learn my timetables. Hope you enjoy reading my maths work..

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