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Sound Waves.

Sound Waves (Rdg Age 9-10?)

Sound is energy that we hear. Sounds begin with vibrations. Vibrations are caused when something moves back and forth very quickly. Vibrations travel through the air in all directions. We call these vibrations sound waves.
Our ears have three parts. Each part has a special job to help us hear sounds. The outer ear is the only part that we can see. It catches sound waves that then travel to the middle ear. The middle ear sends the sound waves to the inner ear. The inner ear changes the sound waves into signals that go to our brains. That‘s when sound is heard. Hearing happens very quickly.
Almost every animal has a body part that hears. Not all animals' ears are like ours. Birds don't have outer ears, and their middle ears are covered by feathers. Snakes only have inner ears, which are connected to their jawbones. This allows snakes to feel vibrations from the ground, where tasty food might be living.
Hearing Highs and Lows
Every sound has a pitch. The pitch of a sound is how high or how low the sound is. Study the graph. Each bar shows the lowest pitch to the highest pitch heard. The numbers are given in a measurement called hertz. Pitches over 20,000 hertz are too high for humans to hear.

Captionless Image


Sound Waves

1. To make a sound something must ..... * Be hit.
    • a) be hit
    • b) move slowly through the air
    • c) vibrate
    • d) jump up and down
2. Explain why sound vibrations are similar to when you throw a stone into a puddle of water. Every sound you make it will vibrates because when you make a sound like shouting it vibrates to people that can hear me shouting and every sound vibrates.
3. What is the purpose of the graph? The purpose of the graph is that it is showing us how high the pitch is higher and how low the pitch is because thats why the graph is on because it is showing us.
    • to compare the pitches of what living things hear
    • To show the sounds that living things make
    • To show the pitches that living things make.
    • To compare types of living things.
4. People hear sounds in a range of about ____ 20,000 hertz
    • 20 - 20 000 hertz
    • 10 - 50 000 hertz
    • 10 - 10 000 hertz
    • 20 - 20 000 hertz
5. Which of these can hear the highest pitch? Dolphins
    • a) Dogs
    • b) People
    • c) Grasshoppers
    • d) Dolphins
6. Which of these can not hear the high pitched sound that people can hear? Grasshoppers.
    • a) Dogs
    • b) Grasshoppers
    • c) Dolphins
    • d) People
How does sound begin? It begins by making loud noises that everyone can hear but first it depines how loud the sound you want it to be.   (You also need to do some of your own research to write 2-3 sentences). Is that sound is really loud and every sound you make it Vibrates and the more louder you talk the more the vibration goes higher.

What are the three parts of our ears that help us hear? Our eardrum helps us to listen really carefully and our brains because our brains are the ones that do all the work for us to hear really carefully.  Why are these parts so important? Because it helps us to listen carefully and loud because our brains do mostly all the work.

Sound waves.pngCreate an image of what sound waves might look like.

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