Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Starting from Tuesday class 3 is been walking down to the YMCA pools and having swimming lesson which is really cool. Swimming is not my thing because I don't really like swimming because I really can't swim at all but I am trying to swim so that's why I need to practice swimming.

First when we got there we had to get change and the lady called Jackie said that we had to swim 2 by 2 so she can see what group are we going to be in and she is going to give us a number by 1 or 2 and I was in 2. Group number 2 had to go and swim in the big pool and number 1 had to swim in the small pool as I got into the big pool it was so cold and I couldn't move cause I was cold.

The person that was teaching us was Miss Nua she taught us a lot of things and we had a short  of time swimming so we only maybe did 3 lessons. The lessons we learned was head straight and kicking all the way to the end and my feet was getting so tried.

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