Monday, 23 June 2014


When I was digging and digging under my washing  basket I was wondering “what should I wear to the social” as I said in a “grumpy” voice what should I wear. Looking for my clothes I was getting really frustrated because I was looking for the character to wear to the social because thats was the theme for the year 7 & 8 social.

As I was walking into the hall all I can see was people dancing and all the lovely decortication all around the hall with balloons and all sorts of staff, looking at all the decortication I was wondering who done this amazing things because there were all colourful. While I was sitting down, I was getting really nervous . I stood up to go and dance. My friends quickly ran up to me and I was delighted  because they weren’t even wearing any costumes and neither was I.

While me and my friends were enjoying our dancing and having fun talking we were starting to get hungry so we went to the tuck shop and brought us some chip which cost 50c and drink thats cost $1, and then we went back and start dancing.

At the social we had lots of dance offs like twerking, dougieing and also we played a game if the music plays we dance and if the music stops we have to stand still as possible or else we are out. When we were playing the game I was trying to not move at all because I wanted to be the last one in the middle because I wanted to win a chocolate bar.

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