Thursday, 5 June 2014

Changing Sound.

Changing Sounds

Sound is a type of  Energy.  Sound is produced by high Vibrations are made must by hitting a  drum, Blow a recorder, plucking a string.

air can travel through a solid liquid  or gas and reach our ears where it can be heard.  If the vibrations have a lot of energy then they are higher.  If they have little energy then the sound is shorter.  Sometimes vibrations can be felt  on the skin.

Sound travels faster in a solid than in air.  It travels faster in water than it does in sea.

Dolphins communicate with each other under the sea.  

Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound.  A  quiet pitch is caused by short vibrations and a low pitch is caused by high vibrations.

The pitch of a note produced by a guitar depends on the length, thickness and tension of the string.  A shorter, thinner, tighter string produces a high pitch and a longer, thicker, looser string produces a low pitch. On a guitar the strings can be shortened by putting a  Plucking  on the fret board.

When you Blow into a wind instrument the air vibrates.  The pitch depends on the length of the column.  A long column makes a short pitch and a high column makes a high pitch.

This is my reading work that I have done all by myself which I really enjoy because I really like reading because I wan to know how to read proppley.

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